Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Sound teaching from God’s Word is the foundation of Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. Recorded at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California, where Dr. Jeremiah is Senior Pastor, Turning Point carries forward Dr. Jeremiah’s goal of bringing the unchanging truth of Scripture to individuals and families living in an ever-changing world.

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Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
  • A God-Inspired Life

    Discover how dependence on the Holy Spirit is the only way to manifest the fruit of the Spirit.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Self-Control;Heart's Desire;Victory;Destiny;Repentance;Transformation;Romans 3:23;John 7:37;Luke 11:13;Religion;Abraham;HD-DDJTP221703;2155487

  • The Life of Elijah - Someone Like You

    Dr. Jeremiah introduces the prophet Elijah and shares how Elijah’s life encourages us in our own lives.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Prophecy;Leaders;Obedience;Humility;Boldness;Walk with God;Relationship with God;Truth;1 Kings 17:1;2 Kings 2:11;Genesis 5:24;Religion;Elijah;HD-DDJTP2217;2153970

  • A Life of Humility

    Learn why pride is dangerous and humility is desirable.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Humility;Humble;Lifestyle;Character;Integrity;Pride;Ego;People in your life;1 Peter 5:6;Proverbs 16:18;Matthew 11:29;Matthew 20:26-27;Romans 12:16;Religion;Praise & Worship;Christian Music;Charles Billingsley; Jesus only J...

  • A Life of Integrity

    Learn what integrity is and how to build a life of faithfulness.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Integrity;Character;Culture;Lifestyle;Light of the World;Leaders;Accountability;Choices;Proverbs 11:3;Titus 1:2;Deuteronomy 7:9;Religion;HD-DDJTP221605;2151235

  • A Life of Generosity

    Explore how generosity to others demonstrates the goodness of God toward us.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Generosity;Christianity;Lifestyle;Giving;Heart;Light of the World;Gospel;Words we Speak;Encouragement;James 1:17;Mark 12:43-44;Religion;HD-DDJTP221604;2150774

  • A Life of Compassion

    Discover the true meaning of compassion and how to meet the needs of those around you.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Compassion;Lifestyle;Personal Story;Pastors;Author;Luke 10:25-29;Religion;HD-DDJTP221603;2149666

  • A Life of Endurance

    Dr. Jeremiah explains six ways to build up the power of our spiritual endurance.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Bobby Schuller;Mandisa;David Green;Kirk Cousins;Discouragement;Struggle;Promises of God;Blessing;Abundance;Encouragement;Tribulation;Spiritual Growth;Strength;Hebrews 10:35-36;Hebrews 12:1;Colossia...

  • The Triumph of the Resurrection

    The moment that Jesus rose from the grave; sin and death was defeated on our behalf—giving us life everlasting through His sacrifice.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Resurrection;Victory;Death;Crucifixion;John 19:31-35;Matthew 27:63-66;Matthew 28:11-15;Religion;Easter;HD-DDJTP2216R;2102143

  • The Decision That Can Save Your Life

    Dr. Jeremiah shares how not to be conformed to the standards and values of the world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Mercy;Trust God;God's Will;Choices;Christianity;Obedience;Romans 12:1-2;Religion;Contemporary Christian;Shadow Mountain Worship; Let It Rise; Agnus Dei; Shout To The Lord;HD-DDJTP1152;2096685

  • The Triumph of the Resurrection

    The sound Bible-based teaching of Turning Point carries forward the goal of delivering the unchanging Word of God to an ever-changing world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Relationship with God;Victory;Cross;Resurrection;John 19:31-35;Religion;Shadow Mountain Worship; Glorious Day; Living Hope;Shadow Mountai...

  • The Triumph of The Resurrection

    Discover the joy of Easter—death has been defeated!;#=#;David Jeremiah;Resurrection;Death;Promises of God;Salvation;Cross;Victory;Crucifixion;Blood of Jesus;John 19:31-35;Matthew 28:11-15;John 20:1;Religion;Praise & Worship;Michael Sanchez; Glorious Day;Jesus Christ;Easter;HD-DDJTP221506;2104122

  • The Decision That Can Save Your Life

    Dr. Jeremiah shares how not to be conformed to the standards and values of the world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Choices;Trust God;God's Will;Mercy;Christianity;Sacrifice;Obedience;Romans 12:1-2;Religion;Praise & Worship;Charles Billingsley; Let It Rise;HD-DDJTP2215;2147265

  • The Victor Who Returns

    Learn what will happen when Christ returns to defeat and judge the rebellious nations of the world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Return of Christ;Second Coming;Prophecy;Apocalypse;End Times;Israel;Matthew 24:30;Daniel 7:13-14;2 Thessalonians 1:7-8;Religion;Shadow Mountain Worship; Oh Happy Day;Michael W. S...

  • A Life Beyond Amazing Part 1

    Learn about the roadblocks; roadmaps; and results for a Christian life that’s beyond amazing.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Holy Spirit;Abundance;Voice of God;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Bible;Endurance;Compassion;Generosity;Salvation;Grace;Sanctification;Promises of God;Character;Galatians 5:22-23;John 10:10;...

  • Even So, Lord, Come Quickly

    Dr. Jeremiah explains the proof and evidence for the resurrection of Christ.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Fear;Resurrection;Victory;Cross;Word of God;Faith;Hebrews 2:15;Matthew 17:22-23;Religion;Easter;HD-DDJTP221405;2111737

  • What Can I Do?

    Learn the seven secrets to serving Christ.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Sacrifice;Serving;Servant of God;Walk with God;Ephesians 2:10;1 Peter 4:10;Religion;HD-DDJTP221404;2110749

  • Stay Strong

    Discover how to be a person who makes a difference for the Lord.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Strength;Return of Christ;Love of God;Honor;Servant of God;Unity;Romans 12:9-16;Religion;Paul;HD-DDJTP221403;2111803

  • Thank You

    Be reminded of all that you can thank God for.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Gratitude;Faith;Trials-Hard Times;Thankfulness;2 Corinthians 11;Romans 1:8;Religion;Paul;HD-DDJTP221402;2141266

  • The Victor Who Returns

    Learn what will happen when Christ returns to defeat and judge the rebellious nations of the world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;End Times;Return of Christ;Second Coming;Trials-Hard Times;Judgement;Matthew 24:30;Daniel 7:13-14;Revelation 19;Religion;Shadow Mountain Worship; Oh Happy Day;Enoch;HD-DDJTP2214;...

  • The Rapture of the Church

    The great evacuation of God’s beloved can happen at any time. Learn more about this surprise event in this message on “The Rapture of the Church.”;#=#;David Jeremiah;Rapture;Tribulation;Second Coming;First Fruit;Revelation;1 Thessalonians 4:13-18;John 11:11;Acts 1:10-11;Religion;Shadow Mountain W...

  • Forgive Me

    Learn why it is important for us to forgive others.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Forgiveness;Tragedy;Prayer;Worship;Righteousness;Faithfulness;Matthew 6:12-15;Matthew 5:43-45;Matthew 18:23-27;Religion;Peter;HD-DDJTP221306;2140177

  • Jesus Loves You

    Discover how to share Christ’s love with others.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Relationship with God;Relationships;Testimony;Disciples;Word of God;John 1:29-50;John 2:23-24;Religion;Andrew;John the Baptist;Peter;HD-DDJTP221305;2138425

  • Lord It’s Me

    Dr. Jeremiah shares how you can make sure you will spend eternity in heaven with Christ.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Purpose;Respect;Commandment;Holiness;Faith;Mark 10:17-21;Luke 18:18;John 6:28-29;Galatians 3:24;Religion;HD-DDJTP221304R;2138424

  • The Final Prophecy - The Triumph of the Gospel

    Discover how the Gospel will triumph in our world.;#=#;David Jeremiah;Gospel;Prophecy;Promises of God;Evangelism;Spiritual Growth;Sin;Seek God;Glory;1 Corinthians 2:2;Colossians 1:3-14;Matthew 24:14;Religion;HD-DDJTP221303;2116333