The Story Behind The Story with Mike Rowe

The Story Behind The Story with Mike Rowe

12 Episodes

Mike Rowe's new show: “The Story Behind the Story,” airs Saturday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern on TBN. Based on Mike’s wildly popular podcast “The Way I Heard It,” he tells true stories you don’t know, about some famous people you probably do. From code breakers to Hollywood bombshells, unlikely inventors to naked bank robbers, Mike sits down with TBN President Matt Crouch to reveal the story behind the story…and perhaps a moral or two. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew!

The Story Behind The Story with Mike Rowe
  • The Story Behind the Story: The 25 Million Dollar Kiss

    Episode 1

    Hedy Lamar, known to the public only for her sensational beauty, uses her brain to create the technology that makes our modern lives possible.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Technology;Hollywood;Personal Story;History

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Man Behind The Microphone

    Episode 2

    This young iconic broadcaster calls the most unlikely play-by play that prepared him for the biggest broadcast of his life.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Broadcaster;Television;Radio;Personal Story;History

  • The Story Behind the Story: Fred's Final Wish

    Episode 3

    Fred was tasked to create a potato chip that wouldn’t turn to crumbles in the bottom of a bag after shipping. Instead, he created a completely new package design and molded the iconic chip to fit it.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Innovation;Food;Personal Story;History

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Biggest Name In Town

    Episode 4

    Small town girl, Peg Entwhistle, failed on Broadway and went to Hollywood to pursue her dreams. Her one movie bombed so she goes to the biggest name in town to have it out once and for all.

  • The Story Behind the Story: They Shook on It

    Episode 5

    During the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Bank of America founder, Amadeo Giannini, made a deal on a handshake with a garbage man to hire his son in the future that changes the course of history.

  • The Story Behind the Story: Can You Be There By Nine?

    Episode 6

    A man’s odyssey to an audition that would change his life forever and give him a role in one of the most syndicated shows of all-time.

  • The Story Behind the Story: A Very High Bar

    Episode 7

    Wa-Tho-Huk is one of history’s greatest athletes. He didn’t let his education, his heritage, or even someone stealing his shoes stop him from competing at his best.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Sports;Personal Story;History

  • The Story Behind the Story: 30 Minutes of Disappointing Television

    Episode 8

    Sparky was given creative control to create a half-hour Christmas program for CBS, however, upon screening the film, the executives thought it was a bomb. Boy, were they wrong.;#=#;

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Code Breaker

    Episode 9

    A young code breaker in the air force, intercepts a coded message that Stalin is dead. He turns the actual Morse code “dashes and dots” into the rhythm for one of the most well-known songs in history.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Murder;War;Truth;News;Loneliness;Prisoner;Prison Ministry;Foundation;C...

  • The Story Behind the Story: Keep Your Voice Down

    Episode 10

    Former drill sergeant becomes a celebrity and icon as one of the most calming voices on television.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Depression;Gifting/Talent;Television;Discipline;Social Media;Peace;Challenges;Transformation;Proverbs 15:1;History;HD-MRSBS0110;2236181

  • The Story Behind the Story: The Missiles Of December

    Episode 11

    A silent Christmas Eve in in 1955 at a strategic defense center is interrupted by a call on the single line red phone which started a Christmas tradition around the world.;#=#;Mike Rowe;The Story Behind the Story;Christmas

  • The Story Behind the Story: Francisco’s Flakes

    Episode 12

    The creation, flop, and success of an iconic film and how it all hinged on fake snow.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Mike Rowe;Television;Criticism;Destiny;Movies/Film;Faith;Mistakes;Success;Visions/Dreams;Humility;Philippians 2:13;Proverbs 19:21;Religion;Talk Show;HD-MRSBS0113;2269859