The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes goes directly to God’s Word to offer powerful solutions to life’s toughest issues. With each broadcast Bishop Jakes brings a message of healing and restoration to homes and hearts around the world.

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The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes
  • And it Came to Pass

    Can God use you as a platform to share his message?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Thinking;Provision;Blessing;Success;Work;Identity in Christ;Move of God;Generosity;Attitude;Armor of God;Ephesians 6:10-18;Religion;Series;Peter;HD-TPT210120;1284890

  • He is the Great I Am

    God is your way of access! He is your door. He is all knowing and all powerful. Once you embrace who He truly is, it will change your life.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Identity in Christ;Complete in Christ;Self-Esteem;Self Image;Relationship with God;Word of God;Good Shepherd;John 10:1-42;Philippians 2:6;Rel...

  • The God Code

    As believers, there’s a higher standard for us to be like our Father. Meaning, we must show a clear distinction between being converted versus being a disciple.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Evil;Father;Identity in Christ;Walk with God;Praise;Worship;Endurance;Testing;Discipline,Matthew 5:43-48;James 1:21,Reli...

  • The Loyalty of God

    God foreknew you. His loyalty to you has no bounds.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Faith;Goodness;Faithfulness;Word of God;Promises of God;Believe;Trust God;Seek God;Abandon;Loyalty,Romans 11:1-5;John 1:11-13;Jeremiah 3:14;Romans 8:29;1 Corinthians 2:9,Religion;Series,HD-TPT210117,1279180

  • Find Your Wings

    It is hard to fly if you have not found your wings. Clarity and direction on what God has called you to do will help you soar in life, in business, and relationships.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Fear;Courage;Faith;Struggle;Waiting on God;People in your life;Destiny,Isaiah 40:31;Genesis 45:5,Religion;Series,H...

  • Hatching Greatness

    The struggles in your life come, to pass. Trials help develop you into the person that God would have you to be. Just like a little eagle, the greatness inside you must be hatched.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Leadership;Excellence;Potential;Courage;Faith;Dedication/Devotion;Confidence;Self-Esteem,Zechariah 4...

  • Eagles Make Love in the Air

    God has great things in store for you! But you have to leave worry and frustration behind, and run to the arms of God. In His presence, he will teach you how to soar.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Love;Creation;Spiritual Growth;Flesh;Intimacy;Passion;Strength;Depression;Blessing;Promises of God,Isaiah 40:31;So...

  • Know Your Role

    You’ve got to get better at being you. It’s time to stop letting others say who you are. You’ve got to accept yourself as God’s creation and get ready for His elevation.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Wisdom;Calling;Purpose;Gifting/Talent;Peace;Self Image;Self-Esteem;Insecurity;Confidence;Boldness,John 1:26-27,...

  • Count It All Up

    We must keep counting, keep seeking, and keep trusting until we get all that God has promised us. When all is said and done, we will receive His ultimate glory, we will know that it was all worth it.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Peace;Authority;Bible History;Trials-Hard Times;Overcoming;Personal Story;Thinkin...

  • The Battle is Not Yours

    You have to believe that what you have is enough to fight the battle in front of you.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Encouragement;War;Spiritual Warfare;Faith;Character;Boldness;Confidence,1 Samuel 17:22-23,Religion;Series,David;Goliath,HD-TPT210105,1259750

  • Untouched

    We must continue to seek healing, for it is challenging to live without it. We all need a touch from God, and once we are healed, we must help others. Remember that God sees you, and He said, “Live!”,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Pain;Past;Spiritual Growth;Christianity;Prayer;Dedication/Devotion;Restoration;Re...

  • They Don’t See the Ashes

    Many will celebrate your accomplishments yet pay little attention to what got you there. The accolades are nice, but they don’t see the ashes of trial and tribulation! When they ask you how you did it, will you share how much was built on the ashes?,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Glory;Presence of God;Worship;T...

  • The Autopsy of a Decade

    Sometimes it isn’t straightforward to follow The Spirit versus following our common sense, because The Spirit has knowledge that challenges what we see.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Serving;Sacrifice;Loyalty;Purpose;Calling;Servant of God;Need;Passion;Success,1 Kings 2:9-14;1 Kings 2:2;Joshua 4:1-10;Romans 8:...

  • Fill Your Horn

    God is a God of rhythm. When we catch His rhythm and begin to walk in step with Him, He reveals the divine plans and purposes that He has orchestrated for our lives.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Encouragement;Divorce;Despair;Past;Move of God;Hope;Heart;Flesh;Anointing;Rejection;Faith;Boldness;Confession/Power...

  • Grace to Be Grounded

    Some people don’t recognize the grace that is over their life, because of the problems that are in their life. But you are blessed and walking in divine favor no matter what happens.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Grace;Blessing;Favor;Counsel;Identity in Christ;Destiny;Choices;Thinking;Spiritual Foundation;Frui...

  • Dedication to Destiny

    Because God has a plan for lives, sometimes we think there’s no action required on our part to achieve His plan; however, our lives are full of decades, dreams, and decisions that call us to destiny.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Responsibility;Heart's Desire;Work of Your Hands;Visions/Dreams;Dedication/Devoti...

  • How to Get Over Yourself

    You are going to a place you have never been, this will be the year you walk into it! But in order to get there, you must humble yourself.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Calling;Challenges;Favor;Blessing;Gifts of the Holy Spirit,Ruth 1:4-14,Religion;Series,Ruth,Christmas,HD-TPT201223,1242382

  • I Didn't Know I Was Me

    The Potter's Touch program, featuring the ministry of Bishop T.D. Jakes, tackles today's topics and issues by offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Self Image;Self-Esteem;Confidence;Praise;Identity in Christ;Endurance;Emotion;Victory;History;Dest...

  • The Blind Spot

    Everyone has a blind spot. However, we must live in clarity, not allowing our virtues to wane out of view.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Bible History;Attitude;Spirit;Character;Heart;Forgiveness;Christianity;Lifestyle;Disobedience,Jonah 4:1-11;1 John 4:17,Religion;Series,Jonah,HD-TPT201221,1237360

  • Rejoicing in Rejection

    The next time you face rejection, begin to praise God. His way of birthing purpose into our lives is always better than ours.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Rejoice;Rejection;Self-Esteem;Confidence;Encouragement,Luke 2:6-12,Religion;Series,Christmas,HD-TPT201220,1233494

  • Lord Make Me An Answer

    Nobody rejects anybody they see as an answer to a problem. When we are an answer, we always have a seat at the table.,#=#,T. D. Jakes,Blessing;Jealousy;Favor;Provision;Faith;People in your life;Gifting/Talent,Genesis 41:9-40,Religion;Series,Joseph,HD-TPT201216,1231183

  • Ripe For A Miracle

    We are in the right place at the right time. The time for our miracle is now!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Seek God;Believe;Calling;Obedience;Faith;Healing;Miracles;Acts 3:6;Religion;Series;HD-TPT201215;1225452

  • The Door of Expansion

    When we learn to leverage our power to help elevate others; God will inevitably advance us!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Past;Hope;Future;New Beginning;Jesus;Blessing;Favor;Abundance;Encouragement;Faith;John 10:9;Religion;Series;HD-TPT201214;1224463

  • You’ve Got Your Hands Full

    When our hands are too full; even to address our needs; how do we summon enough faith to plan for the future? To overcome that feeling of spiritual despair; we cannot focus on our losses; instead; remember that God will always utilize whatever we have left to perform a miracle.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Su...