The Potter's Touch with T.D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with T.D. Jakes

The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes goes directly to God’s Word to offer powerful solutions to life’s toughest issues. With each broadcast Bishop Jakes brings a message of healing and restoration to homes and hearts around the world.

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The Potter's Touch with T.D. Jakes
  • Unfinished Business

    God has equipped us to reign victorious.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Sarah Jakes Roberts;Identity in Christ;Restoration;God's Will;Calling;Jesus;Holy Spirit;Persecution;Acts 1:21-26;Religion;Peter;HD-TPT220919;2353810

  • Rise, Slay, Eat

    The Potter's Touch program; featuring the ministry of Bishop T.D. Jakes; tackles today's topics and issues by offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Sarah Jakes Roberts;God's Will;Trust God;Faith;Glory;Calling;Timing;Acts 10:9-19;Religion;Peter;HD...

  • It’s Up To You

    The story we tell ourselves is crippling us. We have to change our minds and believe the truth about what God says about us.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Gospel;Jesus;Struggle;Hurting;Testimony;Devil;John 5:1-9;Religion;HD-TPT220914;2348914

  • Know Your Role

    You’ve got to accept yourself as God’s creation and get ready for His elevation.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Gifting/Talent;Trust God;Purpose;Creation;Joy;Peace;Humility;Jesus;John 1:19-33;Acts 2:1-4;Religion;John the Baptist;John the Disciple;HD-TPT220913;2345647

  • The Undoing

    When life feels like it’s coming undone; remember that God is still in control. He has a purpose. This is only the beginning of great things to come;#=#;Sarah Jakes Roberts;God's Will;Faith;Trust God;Blessing;Calling;Walk with God;Armor of God;1 Samuel 23:9-11;Hebrews 12:27;Religion;Saul (King);D...

  • Come Back Around Full Circle

    The things you lost are coming back full circle. They may come back differently; but God still wants to restore what you’ve lost.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;God's Will;Walk with God;Struggle;Deliverance;Jesus;Women of the Bible;Promises of God;Psalm 90:2;Acts 1:9-15;Joshua 6:1-20;Luke 8:43-48;Acts 2:1-4;Luk...

  • Playing Catch Up With Your Dream

    God has given you an opportunity to accomplish your dreams.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Visions/Dreams;Gifting/Talent;Calling;Missions;Ministry;Blessing;Disease;Habakkuk 2:2;Matthew 25:14-30;Ruth 1:4-14;Religion;HD-TPT220907;2339691

  • Don’t Leave Like You Came

    In this season; you’re stepping into a new dimension that will require you to reintroduce yourself.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Spiritual Health;Deliverance;Past;Walk with God;Trials-Hard Times;Emotional Health;Mark 5:2-28;Mark 10:46-52;Psalm 34:6;Religion;Jesus Christ;HD-TPT220906;2339410

  • The End of An Era

    It’s time to trust what God gave us and step into our divine power.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Sarah Jakes Roberts;Calling;God's Will;Jesus;Trust God;Preparation;Timing;Authority;Luke 2:41-52;John 2:4-11;Religion;HD-TPT220905;2337719

  • Beauty And The Beast

    All of us have a little beauty and a little beast within. Life is filled with good and bad. But no matter the circumstance; allow God to mold it all for your good.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Hatred;Envy;Jealousy;Rejection;Fruitful;Hurting;Pain;Perseverance;Genesis 29:31-35;Religion;Rachel;Leah;HD-TPT220904;...

  • Faith In A Crisis

    You are not alone. God will come to you wherever you are.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Faith;Trials-Hard Times;Jesus;Unbelief;Fear;Doubt;Commitment;Pain;Suffering;Religion;HD-TPT220831;2333550

  • All Eyes On Him - Impact

    God wants you to maximize the time that you have left. He doesn’t want you to expend unnecessary energy; but rather make an impact in every area of your life.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;God's Will;Gifting/Talent;Change;Power of the Holy Spirit;Thankfulness;1 Corinthians 9:22-26;Acts 1:8;Religion;HD-TPT22083...

  • And It Came To Pass

    Can God use you as a platform to share His message?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Purpose;Calling;Destiny;Servant of God;Hand of God;Regret;Obedience;Sacrifice;Luke 5:1-11;Religion;Peter;HD-TPT220829;2332124

  • He Is The Great I Am

    God is your way of access! He is your door. Fully embracing Him will change your life!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Names of God;Unity;Lordship;Jesus;Emmanuel;Word of God;Trinity;Good Shepherd;John 10:1-42;Religion;HD-TPT220828;2331488

  • All Eyes On Him - Insurrection

    God wants us to have boundaries; order; and structure. Wherever there is disorder; there will be chaos.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Garden of Eden;Pride;Rebellion;Spirit;Witchcraft;Sin;Boundaries;Words we Speak;Walk with God;Genesis 3:1-4;Numbers 12:1-11;Religion;HD-TPT220824;2325895

  • All Eyes On Him - Insight

    God will open our eyes spiritually so that we can see and understand who He is and how He is moving in our lives.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Endurance;Wisdom;Revelation;Truth;Lies;Belief;Humility;Thinking;Ephesians 1:15-19;Acts 20:29-32;Acts 9:1-9;Religion;HD-TPT220823;2325710

  • All Eyes On Him - Intimacy

    In order to have intimacy with God you must understand that his Spirit lives in you. He will never leave you.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Intimacy;Relationship with God;Love;Garden of Eden;Fear;Religion;Tabernacle;Jesus;Intercessor;Psalm 24:1;Genesis 3:8-10;Acts 17:28;Religion;HD-TPT220822;2322819

  • All Eyes On Him - A New Outlook

    Changing your perspective will change your life;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Complaining;Thankfulness;Words we Speak;Confession/Power of Words;Repentance;Leadership;Blessing;Visions/Dreams;Numbers 21:4-9;John 3:14-15;Religion;Children of Isreal;Moses;HD-TPT220821;2322620

  • And It Came To Pass

    Can God use you as a platform to share His message?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Plan;Purpose;Offering;Gifting/Talent;Job/Career;Kindness;Ministry;Luke 5:1-11;Religion;HD-TPT220817;2317824

  • From Rags to Riches

    Use what you have to get where you are trying to go. It may not be much; but God can use it!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Past;Shepherd;Legacy;Purpose;Trials-Hard Times;Longsuffering;Perseverance;Success;1 Samuel 18:2;Psalm 51:5;1 Samuel 18:4;Religion;David;HD-TPT220816;2313232

  • Faith Is Not An Experience, It Is A Journey

    God will send people to help you as you are on your faith journey. Be open to receiving from them.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Breakthrough;Trials-Hard Times;Challenges;Faith;Success;Perseverance;Acts 8:30-40;Religion;HD-TPT220815;2312905

  • Faith That Crosses The Line

    Are you willing to cross the line to get to your breakthrough? That’s where God has a blessing reserved just for you;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Faith;Miracles;Overcoming;Actions;Lordship;Jesus;Healing;Perseverance;Matthew 15:21-29;Religion;HD-TPT220814;2311365

  • He Is The Great I Am

    God is your way of access! He is your door. Fully embracing Him will change your life!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Heavenly Father;Unity;Trinity;Jesus;Incarnate;Emmanuel;Names of God;Good Shepherd;John 10:1-42;Religion;HD-TPT220810;2306664

  • Faith On Trial

    Loving our neighbor is a true test of our faith and belief system. How merciful can you be?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Grace;Law;Commandment;Love your Neighbor;Faith;Disappointed;Good Samaritan;Kingdom of God;Luke 10:25-37;Religion;HD-TPT220809;2304985