The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes goes directly to God’s Word to offer powerful solutions to life’s toughest issues. With each broadcast Bishop Jakes brings a message of healing and restoration to homes and hearts around the world.

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The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes
  • Wet Wood Still Burns

    You are a burnt offering to God being rained on by life. In spite of your circumstances your fire cannot be doused; or extinguished. You can still burn fervently.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Distractions;Attitude;Bitterness;Jealousy;Trust God;Blessing;Provision;Love of God;Waiting on God;1 Kings 18:32-39;1 K...

  • See Me Through

    Knowing the word of God will help you get through the most difficult times of life.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Serita Jakes;Word of God;Purpose;Calling;Promises of God;Bible;Trust God;Religion;HD-TPT211011;1816105

  • The Undoing

    When life feels like it’s coming undone; remember that God is still in control. He has a purpose. This is only the beginning of great things to come.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Sarah Jakes Roberts;Past;Move of God;Blessing;Breakthrough;New Beginning;Purpose;Trust God;Rest of God;Waiting on God;Anointing;1 S...

  • Playing Catch Up With Your Dreams

    Opportunities are created from diversity. God has given you an opportunity to accomplish your dreams.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Women;Visions/Dreams;Purpose;Destiny;Calling;Challenges;Choices;Perseverance;Blessing;Habakkuk 2:2;Matthew 25:14-30;Ruth 1:4-14;Religion;HD-TPT211006;1808283

  • A Clean Thank You

    Just like one of the ten lepers came back to say thank you to Jesus; we need to come to Jesus as well. When we come to him with a thankful spirit and a clean heart; he makes us whole.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Deliverance;Restoration;Unity;Believe;Promises of God;Word of God;Obedience;Luke 17:12-18;Religio...

  • Scandalous Grace

    No matter how far you’ve gotten; you don’t have to reside in shame and condemnation because we serve a God of second changes. Will you return to Him today?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Criticism;Struggle;Self Image;Self-Denial;Failure;Mistakes;Repentance;Grace;Redemption;Thankfulness;Praise;2 Samuel 12:15-20;...

  • Beauty And The Beast

    All of us have a little beauty and a little beast within. Life is filled with good and bad. But no matter the circumstance; all God to mold it all for your good.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Blessing;Struggle;Burden;Trials-Hard Times;Character;Visions/Dreams;Hope;Faith;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Love;Self Image...

  • Getting Beyond The Borders

    The Potter's Touch program; featuring the ministry of Bishop T.D. Jakes; tackles today's topics and issues by offering practical and spiritual solutions to life's toughest questions.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Self Image;Peer Pressure;Confidence;People in your life;Love;Relationships;Self-Esteem;Emotional H...

  • Glimpses of Jesus

    It doesn’t take much for God to show Himself to us; all we need is a glimpse! But how far are we willing to go to seek Him; find Him; and get our glimpse of Jesus?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Word of God;Promises of God;Creation;Light of the World;Relationship with God;Presence of God;Seek God;Walk with God;...

  • The Light That Blinds Us

    The Apostle Paul had no idea that his life was about to change while on the Damascus road. But God brings light to the darkness of our lives.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Purpose;Destiny;Calling;Plan;God's Will;Restoration;Redemption;Acts 9:1-9;2 Corinthians 4:7;Religion;Paul;HD-TPT210921;1774652

  • The Proceeding Word of God

    God has already spoken good things over your life. Don’t let your circumstances make you doubt Him.;#=#;Agreement;T. D. Jakes;Word of God;Foundation;Distractions;Obedience;God's Will;Worship;Matthew 4:4;Genesis 22:1-13;Matthew 14:22-33;Psalm 46:10;Romans 8:26;Religion;HD-TPT210920;1772015

  • Knowing In The Noise

    We’re living in the noisiest time; and the only way not to break is to know who we are. Do you know whose you are and what God has done for you?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Challenges;Believe;Transition;Change;Grace;Faith;Philippians 3:13-14;Luke 19:30-44;Religion;HD-TPT210919;1768326

  • Aroma of Prayer

    Never stop praying and bringing your requests to God. He hears you and has an answer.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Prayer;Sacrifice;Submission;Self-Denial;Breakthrough;Glorify God;Love of God;God's Will;Struggle;Psalm 119:71;Leviticus 10:1;Religion;HD-TPT210915;1763698

  • No Room For Distractions

    You have to decide to remove distractions from your life. It’s a decision that will change your life.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Purpose;Calling;Destiny;Distraction;Struggle;Focus;People in your life;Peer Pressure;Perseverance;Determination;John 2:1-11;Luke 9:51-62;Psalm 119:71;Religion;HD-TPT210914;1763810

  • The Blind Spot

    Everyone has a blind spot. However; we must live in clarity; not allowing our virtues to wane out of view.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Love your Neighbor;Fear;Forgiveness;Mercy;Sin;Compassion;Jonah 4:1:-11;1 John 4:17-21;Religion;HD-TPT210913;1764844

  • Rejoicing In Rejection

    Rejection is God’s way of showing us direction; can you see it? In the end; the vision will speak and not lie.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Rejoice;Rejection;Faith;Word of God;Purpose;God's Will;Luke 2:6-12;Religion;HD-TPT210912;1763484

  • He Speaks My Language

    Wherever you are in life; whatever you’re dealing with; remember that God is able to speak your language! He can speak to you in any circumstance – whether you’re fallen or fruitful.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Good Shepherd;Protection;Perseverance;Endurance;Restoration;Trust God;Power of the Holy Spirit;Lov...

  • Coming Into Focus

    Your focus in this season will determine how far you will go.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Focus;Purpose;Calling;Perseverance;Endurance;Trust God;Testing;Faithfulness;Luke 9:49-55;Phillipians 1:16-19;Genesis 22:5;Matthew 14:22-33;Religion;HD-TPT210907;1750789

  • Which One

    If you’re looking for wholeness; give back to the God who blessed you! Don’t walk off with everything He gave you. Are you the nine that walked off; or are you the one who returned?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Brokenness;Hopelessness;Despair;Sacrifice;Offering;Trust God;Promises of God;Word of God;Luke 17:11...

  • Anointed For The Altercation

    God will not send you into war if you’re not ready for it. He has anointed you to win!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Trinity;Temptation;Jesus;Attitude;People in your life;Testing;Deception;Enemy;Anointing;Luke 3:21-22;Luke 4:1-15;Genesis 3:6;Religion;Jesus Christ;Satan;HD-TPT210905;1746115

  • Removing The Barriers to Destiny

    There could be negative behavioral and thought patterns that are keeping you from successfully progressing through life. Don’t allow anything to keep you from achieving the glorious destiny that God has planned for you.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Destiny;Religion;People in your life;Purpose;Words we Speak;S...

  • Run After You Destiny

    Your destiny is waiting on you. Don’t walk or move slowly. Move quickly toward what God has called you to.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Destiny;Blessing;Predestination;Disciples;Presence of God;Youth;John 20:1-8;John 13:23;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210831;1742000

  • Dedication To Destiny

    Because God has a plan for our lives; sometimes we think there’s no action required on our part to achieve his plan. However; our lives are full of decades; dreams; and decisions that call us to destiny.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Trials-Hard Times;Struggle;Despair;Hand of God;Relationship with God;Walk wit...

  • Rites of Passage

    You are on the threshold of your life and you’re about to enter something new. The mundanity of “nothing” is something indeed; for it is a setup for a new dimension; a new arena; a new era that will bring your character to task and shut the door on who you were before.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Transition;...