The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes goes directly to God’s Word to offer powerful solutions to life’s toughest issues. With each broadcast Bishop Jakes brings a message of healing and restoration to homes and hearts around the world.

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The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes
  • Access Granted

    It is only through God’s supernatural love and grace that we are allowed access into his presence. Because of Jesus; we have direct access to God.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Tabernacle;Holiness;Atonement;Sacrifice;Judgement;Confession/Power of Words;Power of the Holy Spirit;Exodus 26:1-8;Religion;Series;HD-...

  • The Golden Lampstand

    Darkness is the absence of light. As we allow the light of God to shine is us; darkness has no choice but to flee.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Light of the World;Spiritual Warfare;Confidence;Boldness;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210413;1465278

  • Aroma of Prayer

    Never stop praying and bringing your requests to God. He hears you and has an answer.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Prayer;Sacrifice;Submission;Self-Denial;Breakthrough;Glorify God;Love of God;God's Will;Struggle;Psalm 119:71;Leviticus 10:1;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210412;1463439

  • Living Off A Memory

    You will never forget who you are when you remember who He is.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Confidence;Identity in Christ;Relationship with God;Positive Thoughts;Revelation;Civil Rights;Psalm 137:1-9;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210411;1451415

  • Bread of Heaven The Most Holy Place

    God will always provide. It is through crushing that we are worthy to be food for the Master’s table.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Provision;Love of God;Trials-Hard Times;Testing;Purity;Exodus 25:23-24;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210407;1443475

  • Wade In The Water

    Water washes away our sins. It is how we transition to the next dimension.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Purity;Blood of Jesus;Justification;Forgiveness;Grace;Word of God;Spirit;Exodus 12:13;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210406;1441835

  • Freedom Is a Bloody Business

    Our freedom came at the cost of Jesus blood. His sacrifice was made out of love for us.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Tabernacle;Blood of Jesus;Sacrifice;Death;Holiness;Freedom;Worship;1 Peter 1:18-20;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210405;1441331

  • Branded

    All that we’ve been through and all that we’ve endured has qualified us for a blessing that will have us walking with the humility of human pain and the crowning of a Christ-like mind. We have to walk with our wounds!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Suffering;Slave;Resurrection;Crucifixion;Life After Death;Failu...

  • The Toll Road

    There is a cost on the road to destiny. But God is with us.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Death;Sacrifice;Blood of Jesus;Redemption;Freedom;Matthew 21:9;Revelation 19:11;Religion;Series;Easter;HD-TPT210331;1429919

  • A Three Dimensional View

    We are God’s image bearers; and as Christ became sin to cure us; we must also become a part of the cure to heal those around us. Understand; we have to go through bad to get to better.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Stress;Depression;Despair;Trials-Hard Times;Suicide;Trust God;Pain;Resurrection;2 Corinthians 1:...

  • Blessed By The Blood

    The good news of the Word is; Jesus bled; died; and rose again to abolish sin. One drop of His blood has the power to heal any disease!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Glorify God;Religion;Jewish Tradition;Jesus;Theology;False Doctrines;Truth;Relationship with God;Intimacy;Blood of Jesus;Hebrews 13:12-15;Matthew...

  • The Union Between Stability and Fruitfulness

    God allows unfavorable conditions that we think will cut us down for good to purge us so that we can bear more fruit later. If God abides in you; He will supply all that you need for a lifetime of stability and fruitfulness.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Trust God;People in your life;Jesus;Jealousy;Fruitful;Tr...

  • Ripped for A Reason

    There is a purpose in what you are going through. God knows how much you can handle and has a plan for your pain.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Pain;Testing;Strength;Character;Temple;Matthew 27:51;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210323;1414911

  • Believe

    Faith comes by hearing. The more you hear God’s word; the stronger you become. But are you good at believing in God but not good at believing in yourself?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Fear;Faith;Trust God;Believe;Self-Esteem;Confidence;Exodus 4:1-4;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210322;1411251

  • We Are All in the Same Boat

    Just like the disciples on the boat with Jesus; we all have different personalities; backgrounds; and struggles. And yet; we’re still riding the same rocky waters together.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Suffering;Broken Heart;Heart's Desire;Struggle;Need;Contentment;Peace;Philippians 4:12;Religion;Series;HD-TP...

  • Wade in the Water

    Water washes away our sins. It is how we transition to next dimension.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Purity;Kingdom of God;Discipline;Tabernacle;Bible History;Jewish Tradition;1 John 5:8;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210316;1399585

  • Dancing in the Desert

    The more you praise God in the dry place; the more He’ll work for you. He’ll give you shade to rest under. So; next time you’re feeling depressed; grab your tambourine and dance it away!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Rest;Love of God;Provision;Protection;Worship;Wilderness;Dance;Joy;Spiritual Warfare;Exodus 15...

  • Communion Service

    Join us as we partake in Holy Communion. We believe that the blood of Jesus is covering you and your household.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Communion;Blood of Jesus;Cross;Sacrifice;Glory;1 Timothy 2:5;John 17:5;Matthew 24:3-31;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210310;1392737

  • Children of the Promise

    Don’t be so frustrated with the Ishmael in your life that you don’t recognize that Isaac is coming. God has a promise for you and it will come to pass.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Flesh;Spirit;Promises of God;Legalism;Bondage;Freedom;Child of God;Born Again;Future;Past;Galatians 4:20-28;Religion;Series;Abrah...

  • Dig Your Own Ditches

    When you worship God; you surrender your will; and show your inability to fulfill your purpose without Him. So; when you’re in need; always remember God can fill the gap between your limitations and your vision.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Challenges;Trust God;Perseverance;Faithfulness;Loyalty;Character;Stre...

  • Blessed by the Blood

    The good news of the Word is; Jesus bled; died; and rose again to abolish sin. One drop of His blood has the power to heal any disease.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Kingdom of God;New Beginning;Church;Tradition;Heart;Hebrews 13:12-15;Religion;Series;HD-TPT210307;1384425

  • Out of Order

    When God gets ready to bless you; He’ll move out of order; step out of season; and switch things around. What God has; is specifically designed for you!;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Bible History;Bible;Faith;Culture;Timing;Love;Gratitude;Blessing;Genesis 39:1-23;Genesis 46:27-30;1 Corinthians 14:40;Religion;S...

  • The Power of Agreement

    Come from behind the door of disbelief and get ready for your “in spite of” miracle. Look at your circumstance and agree that He’s still going to do it! As you begin to walk by faith and not by sight; consider this: Is there anything too hard for God?;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Challenges;Calling;Promises o...

  • The Proceeding Word of God

    God has already spoken good things over your life. Don’t let your circumstances make you doubt Him.;#=#;T. D. Jakes;Word of God;Sacrifice;Offering;Voice of God;Wisdom;Matthew 4:4;Religion;Series;Abraham;HD-TPT210301;1371265