The Chosen Unveiled

The Chosen Unveiled

Rabbi Jason Sobel teaches on biblical themes present in Season 1 of the hit series, "The Chosen."

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The Chosen Unveiled
  • Episode 1

    Rabbi Jason explores the prophetic significance of Capernaum and Galilee while focusing on Mary Magdalene’s deliverance as a picture of Jesus’ intimate concern for our lives.;#=#;Jason Sobel;Bible History;Movies/Film;Jewish History;Tradition-Jewish;Gospel;Personal Story;Truth;Disciples;Matthew 4:...

  • Episode 2

    Rabbi Jason unpacks the prophetic and spiritual importance of the Jewish observation of Shabbat and what it can teach the followers of Jesus.;#=#;Jason Sobel;Jewish Tradition;Sabbath;Jewish Tradition;Jewish History;Movies/Film;Rest;Sabbath;Redemption;Messiah;Religion;Series;HD-JSCH0002;1342069

  • Episode 3

    Rabbi Jason answers the question of whether Jesus was really a carpenter; while delving into the mystery of the “Schema” and the importance of Unity; Oneness; and embracing the kingdom like a child.;#=#;Jason Sobel;Jewish Tradition;Child of God;Belief;Faith;Bible;Truth;Prayer;Lord;Tradition-Jewis...