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  • Praise | Rick Rigsby | February 20, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Rick Rigsby in Dallas; TX.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Rick Rigsby;Personal Story;Testimony;Healing;Wisdom;Ego;Cancer;Faith;Trials-Hard Times;Death;Family;Authority;Colossians 3;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-P022020;737803

  • Praise | Spark Marriage Conference | February 14, 2020

    Joel and Victoria Osteen host DeVon Franklin; Dodie Osteen; and Clayton and Ashlee Hurst from the Spark Marriage Conference.;
    Joel Osteen;Victoria Osteen;DeVon Franklin;Dodie Osteen;Clayton Hurst;Ashlee Hurst;Shaunti Feldhahn;Jeff Feldhahn;Author;Marriage;Relationships;Love;Communication;Wor...

  • Praise | Jonathan McReynolds and Jonathan Nelson | February 13, 2020

    Tye Tribbett hosts Jonathan McReynolds and Jonathan Nelson from Orlando; FL.;
    Tye Tribbett;Jonathan McReynolds;Jonathan Nelson;Praise;Worship;Music;Singer/Songwriter;Artist/Artistic;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Gospel;Tye Tribbett; (Medley);Jonathan McReynolds; Great Is The Lord; Make Room; Not...

  • Praise | Jon Tyson | February 11, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Jon Tyson from New York; NY.;
    Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Jon Tyson;Author;Personal Story;Testimony;Church;Social Media;Gospel;Salvation;Christianity;Culture;Pastors;Titus 3:3-7;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Jesus;HD-P021120;731607

  • Praise | Perry Stone | February 7, 2020

    Erick Stakelbeck hosts Perry Stone from Nashville; TN.;
    Erick Stakelbeck;Perry Stone;Israel;Christianity;World History;Author;Bible History;Day of Atonement;John 4:1;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Ezekiel;Adam;Peter;King Saul;Daniel;Crisis;HD-P020720;728487

  • Praise | Jennie Lee Riddle | Feburary 4, 2020

    Jason Crabb hosts Jennie Lee Riddle from Nashville; TN.;
    Jason Crabb;Jennie Lee Riddle;Music;Artist/Artistic;Love of God;Personal Story;Testimony;Prayer;1 John 5;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-P020420;725567

  • Praise | Superbowl 2020 | February 2, 2020

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Tony Dungy and James Brown;#=#;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;James Brown;Tony Dungy;Television;Sports;Purpose;Gospel;Truth;Believe;Salvation;Hope;Personal Story;Grace;Numbers 23:19;Micah 5:2;Romans15:4; Ephesians 4:16;Psalm 32:8;HD-P020220-KCR;724440

  • Praise | The State of Faith: Eastern Mediterranean | January 31, 2020

    Discover God’s power working today in the Eastern Mediterranean region of our world through powerful personal stories.;
    Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Erick Stakelbeck;Church History;Bible History;Apostles;Gospel;Muslim;Church;Evangelism;Culture;Personal Story;Television;Media;War;Terrorism;Commun...

  • Praise | Remi Adeleke | January 30, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Remi Adeleke from Los Angeles; CA.;
    Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Remi Adeleke;Hope;New Beginning;Testimony;Salvation;Gospel;Relationships;Military;Personal Story;Crime;Fathering;Culture;Drugs;Faith;Encouragement;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-P013020;722369

  • Praise | Love Your Life: A Night for Women | January 28, 2020

    Victoria Osteen hosts Biana Olthoff; Lisa Osteen Comes; Dodie Osteen and Jennifer James at Lakewood Church in Houston; TX.;
    Victoria Osteen;Bianca Olthoff;Lisa Osteen Comes;Dodie Osteen;Jennifer James;Women;Love;Fellowship;Encouragement;Godly Woman;Trials-Hard Times;Depression;Legacy;Foundati...

  • Praise | Benjamin Netanyahu | January 21, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mike Huckabee, Erick Stakelbeck and Samuel Smadja.

    Blessings Prayer; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Benjamin Netanyahu; Mike Huckabee; Erick Stakelbeck; Samuel Smadja; Israel; Nations; Government; Politics; Promises of God; Terroris...

  • Praise | Dr. Alveda King | January 20, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Dr. Alveda King
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Alveda King; Evangelism; Holy Spirit; Christianity; Born Again; Prophecy; Voice of God; Visions/Dreams; Testimony; Romans 10:9; John 3:16; Family & Variety; HD-P012020; 711111

  • Praise | Rabbi Jason Sobel | January 17, 2020

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Rabbi Jason Sobel
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Jason Sobel; Bible; Gospel; Worship; Prophecy; Messiah; Prayer; Breakthrough; Family & Variety; Praise & Worship; The Martins, Wherever You Are; The Binions, Blessed Be The Name; The Martins, Praise God From Who...

  • Praise | Mike Rowe | January 16, 2020

    Matt Crouch hosts Mike Rowe
    Matt Crouch; Mike Rowe; Parable; Television; Personal Story; Relationships; Author; Work; Job/Career; Humility; Artist/Artistic; Faith; Celebrity; Family & Variety; HD-P011620; 709236

  • Praise | Donnie McClurkin | January 14, 2019

    Matt & Laurie Crouch host Donnie McClurkin
    Laurie Crouch; Matt Crouch; Donnie McClurkin; Singer/Songwriter; Pastors; Music; Praise; Worship; Family & Variety; Christian Music; Gospel; Donnie McClurkin, There is God; Donnie McClurkin, A Different Song; Donnie McClurkin, Not Yet; Donnie...

  • Praise | The State of Faith: Israel | January 10, 2020

    State of Faith: Israel
    Church History; Jewish History; Faith; Church Planting; Muslim; Blessing; Curses; Personal Story; Testimony; Isaiah 19; Family & Variety; Israel; HD-P011020; 704063

  • Praise | Jamie Foxx, Brie Larson, and Michael B. Jordan | January 9, 2020

    Matt Crouch and Tom Newman host Jamie Foxx, Brie Larson, and Michael B. Jordan
    Jayden; Bryan Stevenson; Matt Crouch; Tom Newman; Jamie Foxx; Brie Larson; Michael B. Jordan; Karan Kendrick; Rob Morgan; Tim Blake Nelson; Justice; Grace; Mercy; Church; Movies/Film; Spirituality; Faith; Struggle;...

  • Praise | Scott Hannen | January 7, 2020

    Matt & Laurie Crouch Hosts Scott Hannen
    Healing; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Scott Hannen; Pain; Hurting; Physical health; Healing; Personal Story; Wisdom; Author; Family & Variety; HD-P010720R2; 699180

  • Praise | Dave Stotts | January 6, 2020

    Matt Crouch Hosts Dave Stotts
    Matt Crouch; Dave Stotts; Christianity; World History; Church History; Bible History; Personal Story; Acts 1; Matthew 5:16; Family & Variety; HD-P010620R; 696995

  • Praise | James Brown Hosts Kirk Cousins | January 3, 2020

    James Brown hosts Kirk Cousins at the Vikings Training Camp
    James Brown; Kirk Cousins; Faith; Family; Personal Story; Testimony; Sports; 1 John 2:6; Proverbs 3:5-6; Ephesians 3:20; Galatians 6:7; Family & Variety; HD-P010320; 691111

  • Praise | The State of Faith Launch | January 2, 2020

    State of Faith 2020
    Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Faith; Goodness; Gospel; Nations; Ministry; Personal Story; Death; Bible History; Prayer; Family & Variety; HD-P010220; 690381

  • Praise | Javen Hosts Geron Davis, Jaci Velasquez, and More | December 11, 2019

    Javen hosts Geron Davis & Kindred Souls, Jaci Velasquez & Nic Gonzales, Jodi McBrayer, Nate Bean & 4Given
    Javen; Jaci Velasquez; Nic Gonzales; Jody McBrayer; Geron Davis; Kindred Souls; Nate Bean; 4Given; Music; Family & Variety; Christmas Music; Javen, Do You Hear What I Hear?; Jodi McBrayer...

  • Praise | Joseph Prince | December 2, 2019

    Matt and Laurie host Joseph Prince
    Salvation; Matt Crouch; Laurie Crouch; Joseph Prince; Cross; Grace; Jesus; Righteousness; Protection; Light of the World; Glory; Truth; Calling; Isaiah 60; Psalm 36:6; Ecclesiastes 9:11; Psalm 91:1; Family & Variety; HD-P120219R; 667086

  • Praise | Crabb Family Thanksgiving | November 28, 2019

    Jason Crabb hosts the Crabb Family
    Jason Crabb; The Crabb Family; Music; Praise; Worship; Gospel; Encouragement; Family & Variety; Music; Holidays; Country Music/Southern Gospel; Contemporary Christian; Jason Crabb, Unexpected; Crabb Family, I See Revival; Crabb Family, He'll Make a Way; Crab...