Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Enjoy insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with Gateway Worship.

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Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • Jesus Is the Only Way

    Pastor Robert concludes the How Do I Know? series with “Jesus Is the Only Way;” where he shares three attributes of God that explain why Jesus is the only way.;
    Robert Morris;Jesus;Truth;Eternal Life;Relationship with God;First Love;John 14:6;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200703;733210

  • His Presence

    In the first message of the Living in His Presence series; “His Presence;” Pastor Robert talks about how we can encounter God’s manifest presence every day.;
    Robert Morris;Abandon;Presence of God;Conviction;Prayer;Worship;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200704;733322

  • Living in His Presence: His Instrument

    Pastor Robert continues the Living in His Presence series with a message titled “His Instruments;” where he shares the importance of instruments in worship.;
    Robert Morris;Worship;Music;Servant of God;Satan;Presence of God;Isaiah 14:12-13;Matthew 4:9;Ezekiel 28:13;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM2007...

  • The Bible is True

    Pastor Robert continues the How Do I Know? series with a message titled; “The Bible Is True"; where he shares how the Bible is the inspired Word of God.;
    Robert Morris;Bible;Lifestyle;Obedience;Holy Spirit;Word of God;Jesus;2 Timothy 3:16;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200702;731525

  • There Is A God

    Pastor Robert starts the How Do I Know? series with a message titled; “There Is a God;” where he discusses the existence of God and how He loves you.;
    Robert Morris;Presence of God;Morals;Atheist;Foolishness;Agnostic;Unbelief;Belief;Apologetics;Heaven;Psalm 14:1;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200701...

  • More Than Words: Water

    Pastor Robert continues the More than Words series by explaining how God’s Word is the water of life.;
    Robert Morris;Need;Provision;Christ;Sin;Redemption;Psalm 105:40-41;1 Corinthians 10:4;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM2007;728588

  • My Career Calling

    Pastor Robert concludes Why Am I Here? with “My Career Calling;” as he explains why it’s important to know our purpose and how it differs from our career.;
    Robert Morris;Calling;Purpose;Lifestyle;Provision;Trust God;Prayer;Goals;1 Samuel 16:10-12;2 Samuel 15:25-26;Acts 13:36;Religion;Series;...

  • My Christian Calling

    Pastor Robert begins the Why Am I Here? series with a message titled; “My Christian Calling;” where he talks about how we are all called to know the Lord and reflect His light.;
    Robert Morris;Calling;Holiness;Identity in Christ;Evangelism;Healing;Demons;Disciples;Church;Spirit;Soul;Mind;Fles...

  • My Committed Calling

    Pastor Robert continues Why Am I Here? with “My Committed Calling;” where he talks about practical ways to commit to your calling.;
    Robert Morris;Calling;Commitment;Plan;Walk with God;Ministry;Body of Christ;Gifting/Talent;Spiritual Growth;1 Corinthians 12:16-18; Romans 12:4-6;Mark 1:20;2 Ki...

  • Take the Day Off

    In this message; Pastor Robert shares why Sabbath rest is vital to your well-being and how to make it a priority in your life. You’ll walk away with practical tips and a greater understanding of the ways God blesses us and those around us when we rest.;
    Robert Morris;Sabbath;Rest;Provision;W...

  • The Family of God

    Pastor Robert concludes the Blessed Families series by explaining the life-transforming benefits of being adopted into a new spiritual family.;
    Robert Morris;Chosen people;Unconditional Love;Kingdom of God;Love of God;Family;Favor;Grace;Ephesians 2:19;Luke 6:35;Romans 5:8;Religion;Series;HD-...

  • Bread

    Pastor Robert begins the More than Words series with a message about how the Bible has the power to transform you and fully satisfy your spiritual needs.;
    Robert Morris;Word of God;Bible;Spiritual Health;Heaven;Power of the Holy Spirit;Promises of God;Exodus 16:4;Matthew 6:11;Psalm 68:19;Isa...

  • The Blessed Marriage

    Pastor Robert shares how marriage represents God on earth; Christ and the Church; and covenant.;
    Robert Morris;Marriage;Family;God's Will;Divorce;Trials-Hard Times;Heart;Trinity;Church;Bride of Christ;Prayer;Covenant;Servant of God;Matthew 19:3-7;Genesis 1:26-27;Ephesians 5:31-33;Malachi 2:1...

  • From Broken to Blessed

    Pastor Robert shares the steps to go from broken relationships to families blessed by God.;
    Robert Morris;Brokenness;Blessing;Selfishness;Spiritual Growth;Need;Luke 15:12-13;Matthew 26:15;Philippians 2:3;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200504;718898

  • The Broken Family

    Pastor Robert begins the Blessed Families series with a message about how the very first family brought brokenness into the world; but through Jesus every person and family can discover redemption.;
    Robert Morris;Blessing;Brokenness;Lust;Flesh;Pride;Shame;Genesis 3:1-10; 21;1 John 2:16;Relig...

  • Take the Day Off

    In this message; Pastor Robert shares why Sabbath rest is vital to your well-being and how to make it a priority in your life.;
    Robert Morris;Sabbath;Rest;Provision;Work;Ten Commandments;Repentance;Blessing;Exodus 16:23-25;Exodus 31:14;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM2005;718134

  • More Than Words: Dominion

    In this dynamic message; Pastor Robert explains that when Jesus rose from the grave; He defeated the enemy.;
    Robert Morris;Enemy;Lies;Authority;Power of the Holy Spirit;Resurrection;Luke 4:6;Genesis 1:28;Matthew 28:18;John 14:1;Religion;Series;Jesus;Satan;Adam;Eve;HD-PRMM200205;716417

  • The Principle of Contentment

    Pastor Robert explains that covetousness interferes with our happiness.;
    Robert Morris;Contentment;Relationship with God;Love your Neighbor;Covet/Covetousness;Heavenly Father;Idolatry;Commandment;Heart's Desire;Exodus 20:17;Hebrews 13:5;Deuteronomy 5:21;Psalm 84:11;Psalm 37:4;Religion;Series...

  • The Principle of Honesty

    Pastor Robert discusses three simple ways to develop honesty in your life.;
    Robert Morris;Honesty;Commandment;Love your Neighbor;Lies;Confession/Power of Words;Relationships;Exodus 20:16;James 5:16;Proverbs 9:8;Psalm 32:1-5;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200405;713422

  • The Principle of Trust

    Pastor Robert continues the RELAT10NSHIP series by explaining why stealing represents a lack of trust in God’s provision.;
    Robert Morris;Trust God;Relationships;Commandment;Stealing;Hatred;Need;Work;Exodus 20:15;Ephesians 4:25-28;Exodus 16:16-18;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200404;712030

  • The Principle of Intimacy

    Pastor Robert warns us against adultery in body; soul; and spirit.;
    Robert Morris;Intimacy;Adultery;Marriage;Husband;Wife;Exodus 20:14;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200403;711709

  • Relationship: The Principle of Honor

    Pastor Robert discusses how honoring authority impacts our lives.;
    ;Robert Morris;Relationships;Honor;Commandment;Parents;Authority;Blessing;Obedience;Favor;Promises of God;Destiny;Calling;Exodus 20:12;Ephesians 6:1-3;Romans 13:1-2;Deuteronomy 5:16;Religion;Series;HD-PRMM200401;711378

  • The Principle of Love

    Pastor Robert continues the RELAT10NSHIP series by explaining forgiveness and encouraging us to forgive others.;
    ;Robert Morris;Forgiveness;Grace;Commandment;Love;Murder;Relationships;Hatred;Offense;Anger;Genesis 37:4-5;1 John 3:15; Romans 13:9;Deuteronomy 19:12;Joshua 20:5;Genesis 4:3-8;Ma...

  • Christmas Special: Shepard's Field

    Insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with Gateway Worship.;
    ;Robert Morris;Truth;Virgin Birth;Jesus;Star of Bethlehem;Wise Men;Promises of God;Abide;Peace;Micah 5:2,4-5;Religion, Series;Christmas;HD-PRMM1952;710642