Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Enjoy insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with Gateway Worship.

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Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • Why

    Pastor Robert concludes the Eternity: Your Choice series as he discusses how God’s character is the answer to your tough questions.;#=#;Robert Morris;Goodness;Sovereignty;Character;Love of God;Justice;Presence of God;Exodus 33:18-19;Genesis 3:22-24;Isaiah 45:21;Romans 1:19-20;Religion;Paul;HD-PRM...

  • Where and How

    Pastor Robert explains that the choices we make today not only determine where you spend eternity but also how you spend eternity.;#=#;Robert Morris;Grace;Reward;Heaven;Judgement;Work of Your Hands;Obedience;Ephesians 2:8;Revelation 20:13;1 Peter 1:17;Religion;HD-PRMM222503;2210010

  • Whosoever Will

    Pastor Robert begins his new series; Eternity: Your Choice; with a message about how anyone can have everlasting life by choosing to follow Jesus.;#=#;Robert Morris;Choices;God's Will;Freedom;Theology;False Doctrines;Predestination;Religion;Matthew 24:14;Hebrews 7:27;John 3:16;Religion;HD-PRMM222...

  • What’s My Part

    Pastor Robert shares why God needs you to partner with Him so He can carry out His incredible plans for your life.;#=#;Robert Morris;Need;Theology;Belief;Faith;Fear;Relationship with God;Genesis 2:19;Mark 6:5;1 Samuel 17:4-10;Religion;HD-PRMM222501;2207405

  • Good Enough

    Pastor Robert takes a closer look at what it means to be good and shares why God's grace far outweighs the goodness we try to achieve on our own.;#=#;Robert Morris;Ten Commandments;Goodness;Blessing;Kingdom of God;Sacrifice;Overcoming;Mark 10:17-27;James 1:17;1 Peter 1:19;Psalm 118:1;Religion;HD-...

  • I'm In The Chair

    Pastor Robert powerfully illustrates how God’s grace is the unmerited; unearned; and unlimited kindness and favor of God.;#=#;Robert Morris;Righteousness;Grace;Repentance;Peace;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Ephesians 2:8-9;Romans 11:6;John 1:16;2 Corinthians 13:14;1 Timothy 6:21;Religion;Paul;HD-PRMM2...

  • Beyond You

    In this compelling message; Pastor Robert explains how God is faithful and worthy of your trust.;#=#;Robert Morris;Obedience;Sovereignty;Authority;Peace;Faithfulness;Trust God;Mark 4:37-41;Revelation 3:14;Titus 1:2;Hebrews 6:18;Religion;HD-PRMM222404;2199874

  • I’ll Arrange It

    Pastor Robert shares a powerful message about how God is fully merciful and fully just at the same time.;#=#;Robert Morris;Mercy;Wicked;Iniquity;Justice;Truth;Judgement;Faithfulness;John 1:17;Psalm 136:2;1 John 1:9;Religion;HD-PRMM222403;2199934

  • Enjoy The Ride

    Pastor Robert shares a message about how believing in the goodness of God helps you to fully and completely enjoy your life.;#=#;Robert Morris;Personal Story;Strength;Character;Longsuffering;Power of the Holy Spirit;Creation;Goodness;Psalm 119:68;Exodus 34:6;1 Timothy 1:17;Genesis 1:4-31;Religion...

  • Take the Day Off

    In this message; Pastor Robert shares why Sabbath rest is vital to your well-being and how to make it a priority in your life. You’ll walk away with practical tips and a greater understanding of the ways God blesses us and those around us when we rest.;#=#;Robert Morris;Sabbath;Rest of God;Ten Co...

  • Stressed Out

    Pastor Robert shares the unexpected purpose for stress in our lives and three biblical; practical ways we can deal with it.;#=#;Robert Morris;Stress;Foundation;Failure;Victory;Presence of God;John 16:33;Exodus 31:17;Religion;HD-PRMM2224;2199734

  • The Foundation of War

    Pastor Robert helps us understand the way God has equipped us to win every battle through prayer.;#=#;Agreement;Robert Morris;Promise Land;Kingdom of God;Protection;Satan;Enemy;Body of Christ;Victory;John 16:23-24;2 Chronicles 20:15-23;1 John 5:15;1 Peter 5:8;Religion;Elisha;HD-PRMM222305;2197720

  • The Foundation of Abandonment

    Pastor Robert shares a word about God’s desire to take us higher in worship when we abandon ourselves and give Him control.;#=#;Robert Morris;Righteousness;Humility;Abandon;Control;Worship;Sacrifice;Psalm 40:3;Genesis 22:5;2 Samuel 15:26-32;Deuteronomy 31:6;Religion;Abraham;HD-PRMM222304;2196307

  • The Foundation of Humility

    Pastor Robert shares the importance of servanthood and humility in the life of a believer.;#=#;Robert Morris;Foundation;Humility;Walk with God;Spiritual Growth;Character;Serving;Micah 6:8;Romans 1:1;Philipians 1:1;James 1:1;Luke 12:15;Mark 9:33-35;Philippians 2:3-9;Philippians 3:7-10;1 Corinthian...

  • The Four Foundations

    Pastor Robert shares what the four living creatures in the Bible reveal about our lives as believers and God’s grace for us.;#=#;Robert Morris;Bible;Theology;Promises of God;Revelation;Angels;Spirit;Church;Revelation 4:2-6;Ezekiel 1:17;Ezekiel 3:14;Religion;Jesus Christ;HD-PRMM222302;2194014

  • Life-Giving Farmers

    Pastor Robert Morris concludes the REAL series with an insightful message centered around the principle of sowing and reaping;#=#;Robert Morris;Seed;Witness/Witnessing;Sow;Reap;Transformation;Salvation;Kingdom of God;Personal Story;2 Corinthians 9:6-7;1 Corinthians 3:4-6;Proverbs 11:30;1 Timothy ...

  • Perfectionism

    In this eye-opening message; Pastor Robert demystifies Pentecost and shares how the giving of the Holy Spirit brings life.;#=#;Robert Morris;Complete in Christ;Stress;Peer Pressure;Anxiety;Sin;Grace;Forgiveness;Failure;Romans 3:23;Hebrews 4:15;Matthew 5:48;Religion;HD-PRMM2223;2191213

  • Authentic Witnesses

    In this insightful message; Pastor Robert Morris shares about how; as believers; we are salt and light in the world.;#=#;Robert Morris;Witness/Witnessing;Holy Spirit;Eternal Life;Sin;Past;Testimony;Restoration;Street Witnessing;Love of God;John 3:31-32;Luke 2:20;Luke 7:22;Acts 22:15;1 John 1:1-3;...

  • Engaging Influencers

    In this insightful message; Pastor Robert Morris shares about how; as believers; we are salt and light in the world.;#=#;Robert Morris;Evangelism;Witness/Witnessing;Light of the World;Salvation;Eternal Life;Testimony;Gospel;Matthew 5:13-16;John 8:12;John 9:5;Religion;Jesus Christ;HD-PRMM222204;21...

  • Relevant Fisherman

    In this insightful message; Pastor Robert Morris shares what it means to be a fisher of men.;#=#;Robert Morris;Presence of God;Testimony;Desire;Witness/Witnessing;Holy Spirit;Gospel;Matthew 4:18-22;John 21:2-3;Psalm 34:8;Religion;HD-PRMM222203;2189740

  • The Ten Financial Commandments

    Pastor Robert concludes Beyond Blessed with a message about the ten things we can do to be financially wise and practice good stewardship.;#=#;Robert Morris;Stewardship;Commandment;Family;Idolatry;Selfishness;Provision;1 Kings 17:10-13;Exodus 20:8-14;Philippians 4:11;Colossians 3:5;Roamsn 8:24;Re...

  • Good Stewards

    Pastor Robert explains that God blesses us when we understand and live out good stewardship.;#=#;Robert Morris;Stewardship;Wisdom;Money;Gifting/Talent;Testimony;Giving;Matthew 25:14-29;Psalm 50:12;Luke 12:16-21;Religion;HD-PRMM222201;2188461

  • Pentecost

    In this eye-opening message; Pastor Robert demystifies Pentecost and shares how the giving of the Holy Spirit brings life.;#=#;Robert Morris;Day of Pentecost;Church History;Holy Spirit;Power of the Holy Spirit;Law;Spirit;Speaking in Tongues;Zephaniah 3:9;Genesis 11:1-9;Acts 2:1-6;Religion;HD-PRMM...

  • Who's The Owner

    Insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with Gateway Worship.;#=#;Robert Morris;Stewardship;Money;Finances;Hand of God;Giving;Blessing;Tithing;Psalm 24:1;Exodus 13:2;Genesis 4:3-5;Leviticus 27:30;Religion;HD-PRMM222105;2184876