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Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

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Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • The Principle of Love

    Pastor Robert continues the RELAT10NSHIP series by explaining forgiveness and encouraging us to forgive others.,#=#,Robert Morris,Ten Commandments;Relationship with God;Love;Authority;Freedom;Hatred;Murder;Covet/Covetousness;Sin;Offense,Exodus 20:13;1 John 3:15;Romans 13:9;Genesis 37:4-5,18;Deute...

  • Is He Charismatic?

    Pastor Robert continues The God I Never Knew series with a message titled, “Is He Charismatic?” where he describes the different gifts of the Spirit.,#=#,Robert Morris,Theology;Character;Holy Spirit;Names of God;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Power of the Holy Spirit;Move of God;Bible History;Encourage...

  • The Principle of Honor

    Pastor Robert discusses how honoring authority impacts our lives.,#=#,Robert Morris,Ten Commandments;Parents;Honor;Spiritual Foundation;Faith;Unbelief;Family;Character;Obedience;Submission,Exodus 20:12;Mark 6:1-6;Ephesians 6:1-3;Romans 13:1-2;2 Timothy 3:2,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM210205,1277825

  • The Principle of Rest

    Pastor Robert continues the RELAT10NSHIP series with a message about how keeping God’s name holy teaches us humility.,#=#,Robert Morris,Commandment;Ten Commandments;Holiness;Trust God;Faith;Sabbath;Child of God;Rest of God,Exodus 20:8-11;Exodus 16:23-30,31:15-17;Mark 2:23-28,Religion;Series,HD-PR...

  • The Principle of Humility

    Pastor Robert continues the RELAT10NSHIP series with a message about how keeping God’s name holy teaches us humility.,#=#,Robert Morris,Humility;Pride;Ten Commandments;Bible History;Relationship with God;People in your life;Love your Neighbor;Obedience;Character;Vanity;Glorify God;Glory,Exodus 20...

  • The Principle of Purity

    Pastor Robert explains the principle behind the second commandment and warns against idolatry.,#=#,Robert Morris,Mercy;Grace;Purity;Commandment;Love of God;Protection;Idolatry,Psalm 106:37;Exodus 20:5,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM210202,1268803

  • The Principle of Priority

    In this episode, Pastor Robert begins the RELAT10NSHIP series with a message about the meaning behind the first of the Ten Commandments.,#=#,Robert Morris,Grace;Commandment;Relationship with God;Relationships;People in your life;Purpose;Destiny,Exodus 20:2,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM210201,1269626

  • Is He Pentecostal?

    Pastor Robert continues The God I Never Knew series with a message titled, “Is He Pentecostal?” where he defines the word “Pentecostal” and explains what happened on Pentecost.,#=#,Robert Morris,Pentecostal;Theology;Character;Calling;Bible,Acts 2:1,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM2102,1266337

  • Start Going to Church

    Pastor Robert shares a message about why it’s important to go to church and why the Bible says we need to gather together as believers.,#=#,Robert Morris,Burden;Walk with God;Church;People in your life;Community;Theology;Tabernacle;Calling;Wisdom;Heaven;Presence of God,Exodus 25:8;Exodus 25:22;Ma...

  • Stay in the Word

    In this message, Pastor Robert shares about how you can walk in victory by letting God’s Word reign in your life.,#=#,Robert Morris,Walk with God;Relationship with God;Flesh;Spirit;Soul;Temptation;Submission;Humility;First Love;Commitment;Creation;New Creation;Holy Spirit,Genesis 2:7,Religion;Ser...

  • Stop Believing Lies

    Pastor Robert shares a message about how you can have victory in your life when you refuse to believe Satan’s lies.,#=#,Robert Morris,Lies;Belief;Thinking;Enemy;Deception;Confession/Power of Words;Words we Speak;Prayer;Personal Story,Genesis 3:1-4;2 Corinthians 2:10;Proverbs 18:21;Numbers 30:1-4,...

  • A Glorious Day

    In the final message of the series, The End … What Happens Next?, Pastor Robert uncovers 21 irrefutable facts about the second coming and shares practical wisdom on how we should live in the present, knowing that He is returning in the future.,#=#,Robert Morris,Second Coming;Return of Christ;End ...

  • A Tough Day

    We’re not saved by works, but works do matter. In “A Tough Day,” Pastor Robert explains how works affect life after death for believers and unbelievers.,#=#,Robert Morris,Judgement;End Times;Grace;Work;Theology;Salvation;Unbelief;Bible;Promises of God;Judgment Seat of Christ;Blessing,2 Peter 2:9;...

  • Is He a Person?

    Pastor Robert continues The God I Never Knew series with a message titled, “Is He a Person?” where he shows us through Scripture that the Holy Spirit has a mind, will, and emotions.,#=#,Robert Morris,Theology;Holy Spirit;Trinity;Word of God;Truth;Names of God;Relationship with God;God's Will;Seek...

  • A Tough Message

    In “A Tough Message,” Pastor Robert uncovers the very real nature of hell: who it’s for, what it’s like, and what we can do about it.,#=#,Robert Morris,Theology;Heaven;Hell;Satan;Disobedience;Sin;Garden of Eden,Luke 16:20,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205305,1255606

  • Some Easy Questions

    Pastor Robert continues The End … What Happens Next? series with biblical answers for 10 common questions about Heaven.,#=#,Robert Morris,Heaven;Theology;Bible;Mind;Emotion;Choices;Eternal Life,Revelation 6:10-11,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205304,1254183

  • A Tough Question

    In the first message of the series, "The End … What Happens Next?", Pastor Robert Morris tackles a tough question: How could a loving God send anyone to hell?,#=#,Robert Morris,Heaven;Hell;Anger;Holiness;Theology,Romans 1:18,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205303,1250300

  • Still

    Pastor Robert concludes this series with a message titled “Still” where he encourages us that God is still in control despite the darkness in our world today.,#=#,Robert Morris,Peace;Trials-Hard Times;Trust God;Responsibility;Control;Calling;Heavenly Father,Isaiah 45:6-10,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM2...

  • Don’t Rob God

    Pastor Robert speaks a message titled “Don’t Rob God” where he talks about how God wants an opportunity to bless us through our giving.,#=#,Robert Morris,Money;Finances;Tithing;Honor;Giving;Generosity;Heart;Blessing,Malachi 3:8-12;Joshua 6:19,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205301,1248006

  • Who Is He?

    Pastor Robert begins The God I Never Knew series with a message titled, “Who Is He?” where he teaches us about the character of the Holy Spirit.,#=#,Robert Morris,Prayer;Help;Holy Spirit;Word of God;Presence of God;Relationship with God;Wisdom;Revelation,John 14:16-17;John 14:26,Religion;Series,H...

  • A Lack of Understanding

    In this message, Pastor Robert is sharing a powerful concept titled “A Lack of Understanding” where he encourages the church to stand against the evils of racism.,#=#,Robert Morris,Wisdom;Confession/Power of Words;Racism;Relationships;Judgement,Acts 13:1,Religion;Series,Christmas,HD-PRMM205205,12...

  • The Power of Prayer

    Pastor Robert continues this series with a message called "The Power of Prayer" where he shares about the sovereignty and immutability of God.,#=#,Robert Morris,Prayer;Change;Seek God;Forgiveness;Mercy;Grace;Renewing the Mind,1 Timothy 2:1-2,Religion;Series,Christmas,HD-PRMM205204,1243505

  • The Priority of People

    In this message, Pastor Robert shares “The Priority of People” where he discusses how everything Jesus did revolved around people and His love for them.,#=#,Robert Morris,Jesus;Chosen people;Compassion;Good Shepherd;Love of God,Mark 6:34,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205203,1242380

  • Spiritual Birth

    Pastor Robert shares a message called "Spiritual Birth" where he explains what being born spiritually means.,#=#,Robert Morris,Eternity;Born Again;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Church;Faith;Believe,2 Corinthians 13:5,Religion;Series,HD-PRMM205202,1240429