Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Pastor Robert Morris Ministries

Enjoy insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with Gateway Worship.

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Pastor Robert Morris Ministries
  • Repentance

    Pastor Robert shares the good news and hope we have through Christ by explaining how repentance starts when we change our mind and allow God to work in our hearts.;#=#;Robert Morris;Gospel;Repentance;Renewing the Mind;Change;Transformation;Heart;Discipline;Struggle;Thinking;Honesty;Condemnation;L...

  • The Pride Test

    Pastor Robert shares how you can move from your God-given dream to your God-given destiny by overcoming pride.;#=#;Robert Morris;Visions/Dreams;Pride;Purpose;Submission;Help;Testing;Genesis 37:1-2;Religion;HD-PRMM220105;1957383

  • A Glorious Day

    In the final message of the series; The End … What Happens Next?; Pastor Robert uncovers 21 irrefutable facts about the second coming and shares practical wisdom on how we should live in the present; knowing that He is returning in the future.;#=#;Robert Morris;Second Coming;Work;Cross;Kingdom of...

  • A Tough Day

    We’re not saved by works; but works do matter. In “A Tough Day;” Pastor Robert explains how works affect life after death … for believers and unbelievers.;#=#;Robert Morris;Heavenly Father;Reward;Obedience;Faithfulness;Heaven;Hell;Judgement;Eternity;Grace;Work;Salvation;2 Peter 2:9;2 Peter 3:7;Ma...

  • A Tough Message

    In “A Tough Message;” Pastor Robert uncovers the very real nature of hell: who it’s for; what it’s like; and what we can do about it.;#=#;Robert Morris;Hell;Satan;Sin;Set apart;Theology;Compassion;Heaven;Love of God;Luke 16:19-31;Religion;HD-PRMM220102;1956861

  • Some Easy Questions

    Pastor Robert continues The End … What Happens Next? series with biblical answers for 10 common questions about Heaven.;#=#;Robert Morris;Accountability;Heaven;Suffering;Spirit;Presence of God;Emotion;Joy;Truth;Kingdom of God;Family;Goodness;Miracles;Fellowship;New Creation;1 Corinthians 15:47-49...

  • Condemnation

    Pastor Robert shares the good news and hope we have through Christ by reminding us that there is no more condemnation and no separation for those who are in Christ Jesus.;#=#;Robert Morris;Condemnation;News;Gospel;Evangelism;Relationship with God;Christianity;Mark 1:14-15;Matthew 23:14;John 3:17-...

  • A Tough Question

    In the first message of the series; The End … What Happens Next?; Pastor Robert Morris tackles a tough question: How could a loving God send anyone to hell?;#=#;Robert Morris;Rejection;Lucifer;Creation;Human interest;Freedom;Heaven;Hell;Eternity;Judgement;Second Coming;Christ;Romans 1:18-20;Isaia...

  • Amazing Husband

    Pastor Robert shows us that; as Christians; we are the bride of Christ and explains that we must abandon our marriage to the law to be empowered to live in God’s grace.;#=#;Robert Morris;Law;Bride of Christ;Mercy;Love of God;Justification;Grace;Romans 6:14;Romans 7:1-4;Religion;HD-PRMM215102;1940015

  • Amazing Salvation

    Pastor Robert continues the Amazing Grace series with a message about God's amazing salvation. He answers the question is salvation amazing? And if it is; what’s so amazing about it?;#=#;Robert Morris;Faith;Hope;Presence of God;Future;Grace;Salvation;Romans 10:13;Religion;Contemporary Christian;G...

  • 2020 Candlelight Service

    This traditional Christmas service is filled with Christmas carols; a special message from Pastor Robert Morris; traditional candle lighting; and more!;#=#;Robert Morris;Music;Salvation;Praise;Worship;Christ;Messiah;Jesus;Law;Grace;Truth;Matthew 1:21;Numbers 13:16;John 1:17;Religion;Christmas;Jaz...

  • Amazing Immutability

    Pastor Robert explains how understanding God’s unchangeable nature is key to grasping His grace.;#=#;Robert Morris;Character;Change;Theology;Truth;Lies;Grace;Faith;Author;Promises of God;Blessing;Numbers 23:19;1 Samuel 15:29;Malachi 3:6;Titus 1:2;Hebrews 6:13-19;Religion;Paul;Abraham;HD-PRMM21500...

  • Amazing Righteousness

    Pastor Robert explains what righteousness is and how we need God’s grace to have it.;#=#;Robert Morris;Grace;Righteousness;Complete in Christ;Salvation;Mistakes;Sin;Forgiveness;Work;Believe;Romans 4:1-5;James 2:10;Isaiah 64:6;Religion;HD-PRMM215004;1936755

  • What's So Amazing About Grace

    Pastor Robert explains how grace is unerited; undeserved; and unearned favor from God.;#=#;Robert Morris;Grace;Favor;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Righteousness;Love;Provision;Forgiveness;Ministry;Ephesians 2:8-9;Romans 11:6;Religion;HD-PRMM215003;1934019

  • The Shoes of Sonship

    Pastor Robert shares a message about how; as sons and daughters; God has given us all authority over the enemy’s schemes.;#=#;Robert Morris;Prodigal Son;Heavenly Father;Child of God;Heir;Relationship with God;Love of God;Ruth 4:7;Deuteronomy 25:7-10;Religion;HD-PRMM215002;1933864

  • The Ring of Authority

    Pastor Robert shares a message about how; as sons and daughters; God has given us all authority over the enemy’s schemes.;#=#;Robert Morris;Authority;Prodigal Son;Child of God;Relationship with God;Righteousness;Grace;Genesis 41:42-43;Luke 15:22;Religion;HD-PRMM215001;1933924

  • 7 Words of Christmas

    Pastor Robert shares a very special Christmas message about the seven prophetic words given around Jesus’ birth. You’ll discover that no matter what you’re going through this Christmas; you can experience salvation; favor; blessing; guidance; joy; redemption; and peace.;#=#;Robert Morris;Word of ...

  • The Robe of Righteousness

    Pastor Robert shares about what it means to live righteously as God's children.;#=#;Robert Morris;Debt-Free;Love of God;Child of God;Servant of God;Righteousness;Luke 15:17-24;Religion;HD-PRMM214905;1896728

  • The Reversal of Pride

    Pastor Robert concludes The Kings of Babylon series with a message on the importance of humbling ourselves before God.;#=#;Robert Morris;Humble;Humility;Promises of God;Pride;Visions/Dreams;End Times;Prophecy;Messiah;Daniel 1:21;Daniel 6:28;Daniel 7:1;Religion;Daniel;HD-PRMM214904R;1922633

  • The Deception of Pride

    Pastor Robert continues The Kings of Babylon series with a message about the deception of King Darius and the dangers of pride in our lives.;#=#;Robert Morris;Deception;Pride;Faithfulness;Integrity;Responsibility;Satan;Humility;Jesus;Insecurity;Bondage;Prophet/Prophets;Favor;Word of God;Regret;Bl...

  • The Stubbornness of Pride

    Pastor Robert continues his new series The Kings of Babylon with a message about the biblical story of King Belshazzar; whose stubbornness was his downfall.;#=#;Robert Morris;Voice of God;Relationship with God;Pride;Stealing;Prophet/Prophets;Judgement;False Gods;Death;Change;Repentance;Heart's De...

  • The Seduction of Pride

    Pastor Robert begins a new series called The Kings of Babylon with a message about the biblical story of King Nebuchadnezzar that shows us how the enemy uses pride to attack us.;#=#;Robert Morris;Sin;Discipline;Cross;Love;Heavenly Father;Israel;Goodness;Rest;Sabbath;Pride;Glorify God;Supernatural...

  • Still

    Pastor Robert concludes this series with a message titled “Still” where he encourages us that God is still in control despite the darkness in our world today.;#=#;Robert Morris;Light of the World;Trials-Hard Times;Challenges;Culture;Racism;Division;Discrimination;Judging;Government;Voting;Leaders...

  • Don't Rob God

    Pastor Robert speaks a message titled “Don’t Rob God” where he talks about how God wants an opportunity to bless us through our giving.;#=#;Robert Morris;Tithing;Stealing;Commandment;Giving;Offering;Stewardship;Legalism;First Fruit;Money;Study;Theology;Need;Blessing;Curses;Testing;Joy;Malachi 3:8...