North Africa

North Africa

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North Africa
  • State of Faith - North Africa - April 15, 2021

    Discover how the Gospel traveled to North Africa; and how God is at work in this region today.

  • How Christianity Changed North Africa

    "Drive Thru History - Ends of the Earth" is a 20-part history series chronicling the dramatic spread of Christianity from its origins in Israel to 20 different regions of the world.;#=#;

  • Persecuted But Not Abandoned

    This is a ministry partner piece from Open Doors.

    Persecuted But Not Abandoned;#=#;Persecution;Social Media;Faith;Special;Religion;African Continent;HD-SOF21-189-V;1467396

  • Amid’s Story Of Refugee Relief During Covid-19

    Amid’s Story Of Refugee Relief During Covid-19;#=#;Community Outreach;Church;Body of Christ;Special;Religion;African Continent;HD-SOF21-190-V;1467783

  • North Africa – Revival Hits

    North Africa – Revival Hits;#=#;Muslim;Change;Media;Special;Religion;African Continent;HD-SOF21-192-V;1467398

  • Gary & Peggy

    Gary & Peggy;#=#;Poverty;Need;Missionary;Change;Calling;Special;Religion;African Continent;Ethiopia;HD-SOF21-193-V;1467510

  • El Shaddai Sings

    El Shaddai Sings;#=#;Music;Word of God;Orphans;Bible;2 Timothy 3:16-17;Special;Religion;African Continent;Ethiopia;HD-SOF21-194-V;1467419

  • Eyes Open

    This is a ministry partner piece from Moving Works.

    Eyes Open;#=#;Prayer;Revival;Holy Spirit;Prophecy;Kingdom of God;Isaiah 19:1;Hebrews 4:13;Special;Religion;African Continent;Egypt;HD-SOF21-195-V;1467860

  • Majed Shafie

    Majed Shafie;#=#;Muslim;Persecution;Seek God;Worship;Commitment;Freedom;Forgiveness;Peace;Terrorism;Injustice;Presence of God;Special;Religion;African Continent;HD-SOF21-196-V;1467561

  • Coptic Church Dedication

    This is a ministry partner piece from Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN.)

    Coptic Church Dedication;#=#;Church;Muslim;Unity;News;Government;Special;Religion;African Continent;Egypt;HD-SOF21-197-V;1467616

  • From Death To Life

    This is a ministry partner piece from Seed Company.

    From Death To Life;#=#;Persecution;Godly Man;Abuse;Integrity;Faithfulness;Protection;Word of God;Special;Religion;African Continent;Ethiopia;HD-SOF21-198-V;1467504

  • Helper Of The Fatherless

    This is a ministry partner piece from Moving Works.

    Helper Of The Fatherless;#=#;Orphans;Holy Spirit;Suffering;Fathering;Help;Special;Religion;African Continent;Ethiopia;HD-SOF21-199-V;1467804

  • Fear Not

    This is a ministry partner piece from Operation Mobilisation.

    Fear Not;#=#;Courage;Healing;Jesus;Sickness;Miracles;Fear;Faith;Special;Religion;African Continent;HD-SOF21-200-V;1467859