My Story

My Story

See how the ministry of TBN is changing the hearts of viewers from all walks of life, reaching the broken and the lost and inspiring believers across the nation to embrace their God-given purpose.

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My Story
  • My Story | Anita Wilkins

    See how the ministry of TBN is changing the hearts of viewers from all walks of life, reaching the broken and the lost and inspiring believers across the nation to embrace their God-given purpose.;#=#;

  • My Story | Gabrielle Burton

    Gabrielle Burton lost her way and looked for love in all the wrong places. After a broken jaw from an abusive relationship and struggling with addiction, she cried out to God on Mother’s Day.
    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-052; 303861

  • My Story | Rusty Boruff

    Rusty was a rebellious teenager, who used drugs and abused alcohol. But while watching TBN from prison, it re-shaped his plans for the rest of his life.
    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-050; 303860

  • My Story | Michael Strong

    Michael is a modern-day renaissance man, who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he says, he didn’t commit. But Michael’s faith in God and TBN helped keep him strong behind the wall.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-049; 303859

  • My Story | Sarah, Julia & Rafael

    Sarah tells us how TBN’s Smile has helped support her while she raises her two children. She takes comfort in having a children’s Christian channel to share with her son and daughter.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-046; 303856

  • My Story | Carolyn McKinnon

    Diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, Carolyn McKinnon decided that she would continue to sing her praises to the Lord despite her diagnosis & complications.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-048; 303858

  • My Story | Edna Gooch

    Edna Gooch tells us about her long time struggle with addiction, which ended in being incarcerated. Prison is a dark place and she found hope there through friendship with a believer.

    My Story
    Jesus Christ; Personal Story; Testimony; Addiction; Alcohol; Drugs; Salvation; Prison Ministry;...

  • My Story | Justin Lopez

    Justin was the kind of man who lived life hard and fast on the streets. He sold drugs and committed dozens of violent crimes. But while watching TBN in prison, his life was turned around.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-045; 303855

  • My Story | David & Nicole Binion

    For years, praise & worship leaders, David & Nicole, had been leading people to a false finish line. Until they discovered a new way to worship, and “the more of God.”

    David Binion; Nicole Binion; Family & Variety; HD-TMS-044; 303854

  • My Story | Mark Martin

    During what he thought would be his last days on earth, due to being heavily addicted to drugs, Mark started to feel drawn toward Christian television.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-043; 303853

  • My Story | Travis Murray

    He was raised in the church, but he never knew Jesus. After a series of bad choices took him to a dark place, Travis Murray went from hopeless to hopeful after he decided to start watching TBN.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-042; 303852

  • My Story | Eddie Cuff

    In the midst of an addiction to drugs, gangs, and night life, Eddie Cuff hears a call from God to preach the gospel. One day, while watching Jan Crouch on TBN, this calling is confirmed and Eddie Cuff turns his life around.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-041; 303851

  • My Story | Beloved Jones

    Grabbing a knife from the drawer, Beloved Jones started walking down the hall to stab her abusive stepfather, when she heard a voice coming out of his room that made her stop to listen.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-019; 303838

  • My Story | Matthew Bismark

    Tired of living the Christian life, Matthew Bismark ran away to Miami where he started partying and smoking dope. One Sunday night he picked up the remote control and came face to face with something he never expected on his television.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-031; 303845

  • My Story | Soraida Lopez

    Soraida Lopez found herself as a single mother after her husband left her. Suicidal thoughts consumed her, thereafter, as the struggles of life began to overwhelm her. While flipping through the television channels, she came across TBN and discovered peace.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-033; ...

  • My Story | Denise Ponce

    Desperate and overwhelmed by the thought of raising two young daughters alone, Denise Ponce decided to commit suicide and take her girls with her.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-039; 303850

  • My Story | Linda Britt

    Linda Britt was delivered from addiction and whenever she finds herself tempted she finds encouragement to fight addiction from watching TBN.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-038; 303849

  • My Story | Maubrey Destined

    Maubrey Destined thought he could achieve a dream life through selling drugs. However, after being arrested for drug possession he was looking at serving 60 years in prison. During this time, he discovered a new dream through a new hope in Christ.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-036; 303848

  • My Story | Matthew Barnett

    Not far from the Hollywood sign is downtown Los Angeles where thousands of people live every day who are homeless. These runaway street kids, families, women and children, pimps and pushers are the people who have become Matthew’s cause.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-035; 303847

  • My Story | Vivian Lewis

    “One of you is wrestling with a spirit of depression,” are the words Vivian Lewis heard from Jan Crouch, while watching TBN. In a moment of suicidal thoughts, she cried out to God and felt a massive spiritual battle for her life above her.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-028; 303843

  • My Story | Kandra Albury

    Kandra Albury experienced sexual abuse as a child. The programing on TBN was one of the ways Kandra was able to find healing and forgiveness for her abusers.

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-029; 303844

  • My Story | Ansley Madrigal

    He never expected it to happen. All he was doing was crossing the street to get a pack of cigarettes when his life changed forever. Ansley Madrigal had to learn to walk, to think, and to trust all over again

    Family & Variety; HD-TMS-003; 303830

  • My Story | Sal DiBianca

    Personal Story; Family & Variety; HD-TMS-018R; 303837

  • My Story | Chris Ward

    My Story
    Personal Story; Family & Variety; HD-TMS-023R; 303841