Erwin & Aaron McManus: Trending Topics

Erwin & Aaron McManus: Trending Topics

7 Episodes

A trending topics talk show with father, son duo Erwin and Aaron McManus. Join them as they discuss with a select group of millennials, the hottest, hardest topics, and current events, bringing unique insight, scriptural wisdom, and clarity.

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Erwin & Aaron McManus: Trending Topics
  • Tragedy

    Episode 1

    In the aftermath of the shocking accident that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant; his daughter Gianna and 7 others; we discuss tragedy and grief in this episode of McManus. Join Erwin and Aaron McManus for this conversation and what it means to build a legacy for the generations after you.;#=#;Eri...

  • The Oscars

    Episode 2

    It’s award season and today we are talking about celebrity culture. Are we drawn to a person’s accomplishments or their celebrity status? Join Erwin and Aaron McManus as they explore celebrity culture and what we can learn from great storytelling.;#=#;Erwin McManus;Aaron McManus;Culture;Idolatry...

  • Coronavirus

    Episode 3

    In the midst of a crisis like the Coronavirus; what is our response and how do we navigate the fear it generates? Why do we question God when these tragedies affect our world? Join Aaron and Erwin McManus as they talk candidly about God’s presence in the midst of fear; sickness and even death.;#...

  • Technology - Why It's Hard To Unplug

    Episode 4

    In a world that is so technologically advanced and reliant; do we find it difficult to unplug? Join Erwin and Aaron McManus as they discuss technology. How much time are we spending on our devices and just how connected are we?;#=#;Erwin McManus;Aaron McManus;Technology;Habits;Culture;Social Medi...

  • Gender Bias

    Episode 5

    In light of International Women’s Day; Erwin and Aaron tackle the issue of gender bias. Why does it exist and how can we play our part to end the unjust treatment of women? Join the conversation right here on McManus as we seek to create a culture that values all women everywhere.;#=#;Erwin McM...

  • The Greatest Economy is Relationships

    Episode 6

    When life seems to be going very differently to how you imagined; what can you hold onto to get you through? Relationship and community are our greatest assets. Join Erwin and Aaron McManus as they share wisdom around the importance of relationships in uncertain times.;#=#;Erwin McManus;Aaron McM...

  • How To Thrive When The Economy Isn't

    Episode 7

    How do we use this moment where we have had to step back from work; from our source of income or what we felt called to and actually thrive? Join Erwin and Aaron McManus for this encouraging conversation around finding purpose when everything else seems to be crumbling around you.;#=#;Money;Fin...