Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine

Through his teaching and ministry program, The Spirit Contemporary Life, airing on TBN, Leon Fontaine is showing people across the earth how to unleash the miraculous in their everyday lives and take Jesus to their families, friends, and communities.

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Leon Fontaine
  • Qualified By Grace

    This Easter; Join Leon as he shares what Jesus really did between the cross; and the throne.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Healing;Revelation;Personal Story;Miracles;Faith;Resurrection;Life After Death;Crucifixion;New Covenant;Galatians 2:20;Romans 10:17;1 John 4:17;Religion;Easter;G...

  • What is Love

    Is love a warm; happy feeling; or is it a sacrificial act? Could it be something else entirely? Today; Leon reveals God’s definition of love.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Love of God;Love;Leadership;Education;Future;Identity in Christ;Generations;John 13:34;Proverbs 1:20;Religion;HD-TSCL2214;2146376

  • You Are A Warrior

    On today’s show; Leon shares how you can develop the strength to overcome any battle that comes your way.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Trials-Hard Times;Victory;Strength;Responsibility;Love of God;Isaiah 41:10-11;2 Timothy 2:3;1 Timothy 6:12;Religion;Paul;Elijah;Elisha;HD-HLFD221405;2141863

  • Programmed To Succeed

    On today’s show; Leon shares how the heart is the autopilot of your life and how you program it determines the direction you take in life.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Wisdom;Heart;Word of God;Mind;Peace;Relationships;1 John 5:4;John 10:10;Religion;HD-HLFD221404;2141717

  • Overflowing Joy

    Joy. Is it a fleeting emotion? A state of mind? Can it be felt and experienced at any time? Join Leon and find the answer to these questions and more on today's show.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Word of God;Presence of God;Peace;Joy;Faith;Romans 14:17;Nehemiah 8:10;Proverbs 10:28;Religion;HD-HLFD...

  • Faith, Hope and Love

    Join Leon on today’s show and discover how faith; hope and love create a powerful trio that brings God-given dreams to life.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Faith;Love;Hope;Strength;Future;Spiritual Growth;1 Corinthians 13:13;Mark 11:24;Religion;HD-HLFD221402;2141985

  • What is a Christian

    What does the life of a born again follower of Jesus look like? On today’s show; Leon paints a picture based on truths revealed by the Holy Spirit.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Favor;Belief;Word of God;Prosperity;Victory;Freedom;Romans 8;1 John 5:4;Religion;HD-TSCL2213;2141477

  • Teach Your Heart to Dream

    Today; Leon explains how - when your dreams line up with God’s promises - nothing can stop you from accomplishing them.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Visions/Dreams;Holy Spirit;Deception;Trials-Hard Times;Overcoming;Purpose;Fear;Destiny;Confession/Power of Words;Religion;David;Goliath;HD-HLFD221305;2139841

  • Freedom Isn’t Free

    If you have freedom; it’s because someone paid the price for it. On today’s show; Leon shares how you can ensure freedom for generations to come.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Freedom;Sacrifice;Self-Denial;Government;Civil Rights;Dominion;Eternity;Choices;Relationships;Heaven;Genesis 1:26-28;Religion;Adam;HD...

  • Yielding to Holy Spirit Part 2

    On today’s show; Leon shares incredible examples of what can happen when you function in ALL the gifts of the Holy Spirit.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Holy Spirit;Submission;Personal Story;Parents;Near Death;Witness/Witnessing;Prayer;Healing Power;Religion;HD-HLFD221303;2138677

  • Yielding to Holy Spirit Part 1

    Miracles were an everyday occurrence for the early church. Today; Leon provides a contemporary look at how the Holy Spirit works in your life.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Obedience;Holy Spirit;Godly Man;Godly Woman;Bible;Change;Authority;Boldness;Ephesians 2:10;Matehw 28:18-19;Jude 1:20;Religion;HD-HLFD221...

  • The Believer’s Strength

    On today’s show; Leon addresses popular beliefs about adversity. If it doesn’t kill you; does it make you stronger?;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Strength;Trials-Hard Times;Spiritual Growth;Trust God;Complete in Christ;Faith;Isaiah 41:10;1 Timothy 6:12;Religion;HD-TSCL2212;2110703

  • Energize Yourself

    Has your life become lukewarm? Reignite your passion for living with today’s encouraging message from Leon.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Encouragement;Words we Speak;Positive Thoughts;Choices;Change;Mind;Thinking;Boldness;Belief;1 Corinthians 15:34;Religion;HD-HLFD221205;2101844

  • Purpose! Passion! Pleasure!

    If the pressures of life are weighing you down; then this message is for you! Today; join Leon as he tackles the topic of purpose vs. pleasure.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Passion;Purpose;Calling;God's Will;Hand of God;Boldness;Seek God;Ephesians 2:10;Romans 8:31;Hebrews 12:1-3;Religion;HD-HLFD221204;2102235

  • Prayer Is A Weapon!

    Today; Leon shares how the new covenant between Jesus and God gives you access to a powerful weapon called prayer.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Prayer;Belief;Faith;Boldness;Thinking;Rejoice;Hopelessness;Believe;John 16:23;1 Thessalonians 5:20;Ezekiel 37:1-10;Religion;HD-HLFD221203;2094810

  • Deep Courage

    On today’s show; Leon explains how you can stay rooted in courage no matter what comes against you.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Courage;Hopelessness;Despair;Emotional Health;Overcoming;Holy Spirit;Identity in Christ;Heart's Desire;Self Image;Proverbs 4:18-24;Mark 4:13-20;Religion;HD-HLFD221202;2096354

  • Love Like Jesus Loved

    Does loving others mean turning a blind eye to their hurtful behaviour? Today; Leon addresses the many misconceptions surrounding the topic of love.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Love;Love of God;Love your Neighbor;Righteousness;Self Image;Identity in Christ;John 13:34;Psalm 8:4-5;Religion;HD-TSCL2211;2091565

  • Your Unfair Advantage

    On today's show; Leon shares how the Holy Spirit gives you the upper hand when faced with challenges in life.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Word of God;Personal Story;Thankfulness;Fellowship;Seek God;Holy Spirit;Miracles;Strength;Supernatural;Faith;Psalm 23:3;Romans 8:27-28;James 4:2;Matthew 28:18;Religion;H...

  • Stick to Your Purpose

    Today; Leon explains how blessings become available when you live for purpose; not pleasure.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Salvation;Christianity;Love your Neighbor;Purpose;Plan;Lifestyle;Romans 8:26-28;Psalm 91:7;Proverbs 4:18;Religion;HD-HLFD221104;2089870

  • Toughen Up!

    What makes a football player get up after a devastating blow? Today; Leon explains how Holy Spirit coaches you through the power plays; found in God’s playbook.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Boldness;Strength;Trials-Hard Times;Endurance;Church;Testimony;Thinking;Faith;Words we Speak;Isaiah 41:10-11;2 Timothy...

  • Intentional Courage

    How do you change a nation? Today; Leon shares how the answer is not in following religious rules; but in a group of Spirit contemporary people doing great things for God.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Courage;Faith;Holy Spirit;Passion;Leadership;Acts 4:25-30;Religion;HD-TSCL2210;2081306

  • Prayer In Troubled Times

    Jesus’s death and resurrection changed the purpose of prayer forever. Today; Leon explains what that means for YOU; when faced with uncertain times.;#=#;Salvation;Leon Fontaine;Prayer;Believe;Word of God;Power of the Holy Spirit;Prosperity;Righteousness;Judgement;Wisdom;Mistakes;Enemy;Peace;John ...

  • Your Forgotten Influence

    Join Leon on today’s show as he shares about freedom; and how the Church of Christ must speak up with authority.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Religion;Leadership;Truth;Word of God;Gospel;Promises of God;Hebrews 10:12-13;Matthew 16:18-19;Psalm 2:8;Religion;HD-HLFD221004;2075372

  • Uncover Your Giftedness

    On today’s show; Leon teaches how we; as born again believers; can function in the supernatural abilities of the Holy Spirit.;#=#;Leon Fontaine;Culture;Born Again;Gifting/Talent;Leadership;Boldness;Healing;Personal Story;Power of the Holy Spirit;John 10:10;James 2:26;Religion;Adam;Eve;HD-HLFD2210...