Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life

When a traditional, evangelical filmmaker wrestles with the implications of a prophecy spoken over his own life, it sparks a nationwide quest to discover and capture the manifestly supernatural life that is still available to today’s followers of Jesus.

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Kingdom Life
  • Prophecy

    What are words of wisdom and knowledge? How does prophesy actually work; and does it always mean predicting the future? Are there still people who walk the streets like the prophets of old; striving to give divine words to total strangers?;#=#;

  • Faith, Provision and Giving

    Shane seeks out the teachings of those who argue that God does indeed bring prosperity; explores the connection between giving and blessing; and examines the central role the supernatural gift of Faith plays in this divine transaction.;#=#;Shane Sooter;Barry Cameron;Mike Brisky;Doug Cobb;Testimon...

  • Healing

    Shane pushes past the skepticism that many carry because of shady faith healers; and asks the tough questions - why do healings happen for some; and not others; and is that the fault of the recipient’s faith - even though Jesus repeatedly healed those without faith?;#=#;

  • Sovereignty and Freedom

    Shane explores God’s sovereignty and how our identity in Christ gives us the freedom and authority see life from God’s perspective and live our lives as “More than Conquerors.”;#=#;Shane Sooter;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Renewing the Mind;Doubt;Righteousness;Evil;Spiritual Warfare;Healing;Power ...

  • Putting It Together

    The Bible says that all believers are granted spiritual gifts for the building up of the Body, and 1 Cor 12:31 tells us to eagerly desire the greater gifts. If we’re to desire them; then surely it means we can have them, right? But how do everyday believers access and grow in the practice of the ...