Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear, contemporary and creative teaching style. Each morning you’ll hear Biblical principles put into practical daily applications for everyday living. Kerry is the senior pastor of Woodlands Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in America.

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Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook
  • Build Up or Tear Down

    God calls the faithful to build people up.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Spiritual Growth;Stewardship;Calling;Christ;Strength;Courage;Nehemiah 2:17-18;Nehemiah 2:1-3;Nehemiah 4:10-14;Nehemiah 1:11;Religion;HD-KS2137;1761192

  • Love Like Jesus

    Learning to love without expecting something in return not only demenstrates the love of Jesus but also brings complete joy.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Love;Unconditional Love;Serving;Salvation;Compassion;Need;Ephesians 5:1-2;Luke 19:1-10;Matthew 9:36;Religion:Series;HD-KS2136;1746156

  • Understanding Others

    Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear; contemporary and creative teaching style.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Relationships;Communication;Marriage;Wisdom;Love;Timing;Prayer;Proverbs 24:3-4;1 Corinthians 13:12;Religion:Series;HD-KS2135;1740539

  • Confusion to Connection

    Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear; contemporary and creative teaching style.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Glory;Rejection;Failure;Love of God;Weakness;Forgiveness;Blood of Jesus;Proverbs 20:5;2 Corinthians 3:13-18;John 8:7-8;James 1:19;Religion;Moses;HD-KS2134;1712217

  • Chess

    It takes skill and intention to build deep and close relationships. Close relationships are intended to mirror Christ's love for and bring purpose.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Marriage;Love of God;Dating;Character;Commitment;Sacrifice;Ephesians 5:21-32;2 Corinthians 6:14-16;Religion;HD-KS2133;1...

  • Chutes and Ladders

    Relationships go through ups and downs. Culture; change and crisis are unavoidable but when feelings are shared and respect is given; there is a path to deep growth.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Relationships;Culture;Marriage;Trials-Hard Times;Struggle;Spiritual Growth;Communication;Failure;Overc...

  • Trouble

    Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear; contemporary and creative teaching style.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Trials-Hard Times;Relationships;Struggle;Trust God;Overcoming;Christ-like;Spiritual Growth;Truth;John 16:33;Ephesians 4:14-15;Ephesians 4:22-27;John 14:26;Religion;H...

  • Family Foundation

    Pastor Kerry Shook teaches how to build relationships on a foundation of God's wisdom.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Spiritual Foundation;Wisdom;Character;People in your life;Betrayal;Overcoming;Proverbs 24:3;James 3:13-18;Proverbs 10:9;Ephesians 4:32-32;Religion;HD-KS2130;1670594

  • Family Camp: Packing List

    Caring for your family's spiritual well being requires deliberate focus.;#=#;Chris Shook;Family;Relationships;Challenges;Unity;Parenting;Romans 12:1-2;Religion;HD-KS2129;1664246

  • Family Camp - Climbing Partners

    Find healing and growth in relationships by focusing on the principles of Jesus.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Trials-Hard Times;Challenges;Encouragement;Hope;Family;Matthew 5:1-10;Religion;HD-KS2128;1654155

  • From Dysfunction to Destiny

    Learn to understand and connect with family on a new level.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Family;Challenges;Restoration;Truth;Overcoming;Self-Denial;John 11:1-25;Religion;HD-KS2127;1638081

  • Good Decision Making

    Seek God's divine direction to make decisions.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Wisdom;Choices;Lifestyle;Habits;Actions;Fruitful;Walk with God;Genesis 8:15-20;Religion;Noah;HD-KS2126;1629056

  • The 24 Hour Rule

    Live one day at a time by making daily priorities and dedicating the day to God.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Timing;Plan;Purpose;Habits;Seek God;Obedience;Matthew 11:28-30;James 1:5;Matthew 11:28;Religion;Series;HD-KS2125;1615157

  • Following Jesus

    The most important path is following Jesus; one step at a time.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Walk with God;Seek God;Choices;Focus;Distraction;Hebrews 12:1-3;Galatians 1:10;Religion;Series;Jesus Christ;HD-KS2124;1598617

  • Identity Based Habits

    Pastor Kerry teaches how Christ followers can confirm a Christian identity through actions.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Child of God;Identity in Christ;Habits;Grace;Character;Judges 6:11-12;Religion;Series;HD-KS2123;1590651

  • Small Habits

    Big results start with small daily habits. Pastor Kerry shares biblical stories and relevant steps to achieve explosive change.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Habits;Choices;Trust God;Faith;Challenges;Zechariah 4:10;Religion;Series;HD-KS2122;1570034

  • Prayer To Be Reckoned With

    Prayer releases the power of God. It allows heaven to come here to earth. Pastor Kerry reviews several impactful prayers in the Bible and explains that same power is available to believers when they pray.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Prayer;Presence of God;Seek God;Waiting on God;Trust God;Perseverance;James ...

  • Touching Heaven

    Christ followers are heirs to the Kingdom.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Trials-Hard Times;Challenges;Heaven;Move of God;Miracles;Matthew 6:10;Luke 8:43-48;Religion;Series;HD-KS2120;1548235

  • Heaven Breaking Through

    Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear; contemporary and creative teaching style.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Heaven;Kingdom of God;Heir;Chosen people;Heart's Desire;Family;Child of God;Blessing;Matthew 6:9;Religion;Series;HD-KS2118;1527490

  • Are You Thirsty?

    Turn to God for every need and find guidance and confidence to walk through troubling times.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Sin;Seek God;Selfishness;Flesh;Spirit;Need;Provision;Joy;Compassion;Purpose;Love of God;John 7:37-38;Psalm 139:17;2 Corinthians 4:7;Jeremiah 2:13;Religion;Series;HD-KS2117;1497537

  • Overflowing Grace

    Pastor Kerry Shook reviews Isaiah 53. This chapter points to Christ and gives a beautiful picture of grace.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Bible;Prophecy;Grace;Messiah;Crucifixion;Bible History;Gospel;Salvation;Cross;Isaiah 53:4-6;Isaiah 52:14-16;Religion;Series;HD-KS2116;1475253

  • From Empty To Overflowing

    Pastors Kerry and Chris Shook review scripture from 2 Kings and teach how drawing close to God when stressed or feeling empty will help.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Fear;Stress;Worry;Mental Health;Emotional Health;Relationship with God;Rest of God;2 Kings 4:1-7;Religion;Series;HD-KS2115;1456970

  • For God So Loved The World

    Celebrating Christ's resurrection and His amazing love for the world. Pastors Kerry and Chris explore the powerful; deep and life-changing truth found in John 3:16.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Love of God;Eternal Life;Sacrifice;Salvation;Heaven;Christ;Cross;John 3:16;Colossians 2:13-14;Religion;S...

  • Relationship Builder

    The key building block for relationships is kindness. Kindness is love in action.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Calling;Destiny;Hope;Relationship with God;Relationships;Kindness;Forgiveness;Nehemiah 4:12-14;Titus 3:4;Hebrews 4:15-16;Psalm 14:15;Romans 3:23-24;Religion;Nehemiah;HD-KS2138;1768063