Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook

Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear, contemporary and creative teaching style. Each morning you’ll hear Biblical principles put into practical daily applications for everyday living. Kerry is the senior pastor of Woodlands Church, one of the fastest-growing churches in America.

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Kerry Shook Ministries with Kerry Shook
  • Jesus for President: Confidence in Crisis

    Turn to God for every need and find guidance and confidence to walk through troubling times.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Elections;Trust God;Prophecy;Jesus;Kingdom of God;Hope;Peace;Isaiah 9:6-7;Religion;Series;HD-KS2042;1126177

  • Overflow: Are You Thirsty

    Turn to God for every need and find guidance and confidence to walk through troubling times.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Sin;Seek God;Selfishness;Flesh;Spirit;Need;Provision;Joy;Compassion;Purpose;Psalm 139:17;Religion;Series;HD-KS2041;1114534

  • Overflowing Grace

    Pastor Kerry Shook reviews Isaiah 53. This chapter points to Christ and gives a beautiful picture of grace.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Prophecy;Bible;Grace;Messiah;Crucifixion;Bible History;Gospel;Salvation;Cross;Isaiah 53:4-6;Isaiah 52:14-16;Religion;Series;Jesus Christ;HD-KS2040;1105334

  • How To Start

    Don't miss being part of the miracle. Be open to what God is doing in this crisis time; and serve those in need so that Christ's love spreads.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Peace;God's Will;Strength;Love;Miracles;Bible;Love your Neighbor;People in your life;Blessing;Mark 6:37-44;Zecharaiah 4:10;Religion;Series...

  • Overflow: From Empty to Overflowing

    Pastors Kerry and Chris Shook review scripture from 2 Kings and teach how drawing close to God when stressed or feeling empty will help.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Worry;Stress;Fear;Mental Health;Emotion;2 Kings 4:1-7;Religion;Series;HD-KS2038;1082551

  • Better than Normal: Rattling Noise of Hope

    Pastor Kerry Shook reviews God's Word from Ezekiel to reveal God's purpose and gain a vision of hope.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Personal Story;Hope;Trust God;Parable;Hopelessness;Encouragement;Ezekiel 37:7-14;Religion;Series;HD-KS2037;1077718

  • Better than Normal: 2020 Vision

    Divine vision gives meaning and motivation to the mundane. Ability to trust the Lord and see what can be; brings true perceptive.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Visions/Dreams;Business;Trials-Hard Times;Struggle;Pain;Purpose;Isaiah 40:21-22;Religion;Series;Isaiah;HD-KS2036;1065652

  • Better than Normal: Rebuilding What is Broken

    God rebuilds the broken. Especially during this time of racial tension; we all need rebuilding. Pastor Kerry encourages growth from taking a humble examination of oneself.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Brokenness;Broken Heart;Hurting;Challenges;Nehemiah 2:17-18;Nehemiah 1:3-4;Nehemiah 4:10;Nehemiah 6:15;Religi...

  • Better than Normal

    Using the story of rebuilding the temple from the Old Testament; Pastors Kerry and Chris walk us through the current situation with coronavirus as an opportunity to rebuild on the Word of God.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Israel;Jewish History;Praise;Rejoice;Joy;Disappointed;Temple;2 Chronicles 36...

  • Change Up: A Change of Direction

    With God in the driver seat there is no need to be scared of change. No matter what the change; trust that God will make a new path.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationship with God;Challenges;Change;Surrender;Obedience;Fruitful;John 15:1-10;Religion;Series;HD-KS2033;1011777

  • Change Up

    Change can bring opportunity to go higher. Pastor Kerry reviews different categories of change and how to hold onto God and soar with the winds of change.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Change;Trials-Hard Times;Sickness;Culture;Failure;Promises of God;Pain;Purpose;Isaiah 43:18-19;Romans 8:28;38-39;Religion;Seri...

  • Relationships: Purpose and Power of Family

    Family is important for support and encouragement. Pastor Kerry explains the importance of one’s natural family and the church family.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Family;Relationships;Stress;Purpose;Culture;Church;Bible;Music;Father;Mother;Matthew 7:24-25;Proverbs 14:26;Psalm 145:4;Religion;Series;Christian ...

  • Realationships: I Love You, But

    In times of stress and pressure; what comes out is either constructive or destructive. Pastor Kerry walks through James 3 to teach what the Bible says about how to handle anger.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Marriage;Love;Respect;Honor;Love of God;Anger;Attitude;Words we Speak;James 3:5-6;10;17;R...

  • The Gift of One Day: Share Your Story

    Pastor Kerry and Chris teach on importance of talking about hurts and seeking support. The miracle is often in the middle of the story.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Testimony;Love your Neighbor;Stewardship;Gifting/Talent;Gospel;Commission;Psalm 13:1-6;Religion;Series;HD-KS2029;962003

  • The Gift of One Day: Fear and Faith

    Whatever is focused on will expand. Choose to focus on God's promises instead of feelings. His promises are true.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Faith;Fear;Focus;Trust God;Choices;Prisoner;Overcoming;Destiny;Purpose;Obedience;Philippians 1:12-18;4:13;4:19;Religion;Series;HD-KS2028;947813

  • The Gift of One Day: Mistaken for an Angel

    The secret of unlocking the blessings of God is to have an open heart.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Divination;Gifting/Talent;Lifestyle;Love;Heart;Blessing;Trust God;Jude 1:2;Hebrews 13:1-6;Religion;Series;HD-KS2027;941182

  • The Gift of One Day: Miracle Book

    Each day is wrapped with God's love. Recognize the blessings the day brings; and take a moment to record these miracles as a reminder of God's power and provision.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Miracles;Heart;Blessing;Giving;Personal Story;Trials-Hard Times;Testimony;Future;Worry;Jude 1:1-2;Psalm 1...

  • The Gift of One Day: Pray for Today

    Pastors Kerry and Chris bring encouragement to seek God's direction each day and take time to notice His blessings. Each day is a treasure; a sacred gift from God.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Chris Shook;Lifestyle;Education;Science;Selfishness;Gifting/Talent;Giving;Jude 1:1-2;Religion;Series;HD-KS2025;922904

  • Deliverance In The Desert

    Kerry Shook is one of today’s most gifted communicators offering a clear; contemporary and creative teaching style.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Deliverance;Bible History;Promise Land;Promises of God;Purpose;Faith;Trust God;Spiritual Growth;God's Will;Struggle;Trials-Hard Times;Peace;Exodus 14:13-18;31;Exodus...

  • Faith in the Storm

    When there are problems and pressures in life; what's at the center will be revealed. Decide to place God at the center. The Prince of Peace provides stability in the storms of life.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Faith;Stress;Anxiety;Season;Trials-Hard Times;Spiritual Foundation;Lifestyle;Surrender;Worry;Promi...

  • Relationships: The Real F-Word

    There is healing in forgiveness. Join as Pastor Kerry delivers a great message on how to get along during this stressful and unpredictable time.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Forgiveness;Revenge;Hurting;Past;Resentment;Faith;Missionary;Unconditional Love;Personal Story;Matthew 6:12;Religion;Serie...

  • Relationships: Love and War

    Conflict is inevitable; especially during this time of quarantining. Pastor Kerry gives key ways to handle conflict the right way so that relationships are protected and even grow.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Relationships;Love;Hatred;Forgiveness;Submission;Marriage;Divorce;Ephesians 4:26-27;Religion;Series;...

  • Strength in the Struggle

    Living a life that's centered is the secret to finding God's strength in the middle of stress. Through the story of Jacob; Pastor Kerry examines how to be more God-centered.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Strength;Struggle;Trials-Hard Times;Testing;Control;Surrender;Lifestyle;Bible History;Manipulation;Trust Go...

  • Peace in the Stress

    In life there will always be stress; pain and burdens. In this message Pastor Kerry Shook examines how to leave worry behind and experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.;#=#;Kerry Shook;Peace;Stress;Word of God;Strength;Provision;Philippians 4:6-7;Religion;Series;HD-KS2019;857029