Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland

Every weekday on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland open up the Word of God to teach TBN viewers around the world the principles of faith, love, redemption, righteousness, healing, and true prosperity that are the foundations for victorious living through Jesus Christ.

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Kenneth Copeland
  • Receive Your Covenant Promises by Having a Willing Heart

    Find out how to receive promises by having a willing heart.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Promises of God;Heart;Covenant;Obedience;Faith;Walk with God;Relationship with God;Personal Story;Spiritual Growth;2 Corinthians 9:8;Isaiah 1:19;2 Chronicles 15:16-19;Religion;Series;HD-KC200218;737327

  • Step Into the Power Realm to Receive Your Covenant Promises

    Step into the power realm to receive promises and everything Jesus has to offer!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Promises of God;Covenant;Power of the Holy Spirit;Believe;Day of Pentecost;Hebrews 12:1-3;John 14:1;12-16;Religion;Series;HD-KC200217;736385

  • What Do You Call Yourself?

    The indisputable key to faith is calling yourself well while you’re still sick; or calling yourself debt-free before the debt is gone.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Self Image;Self-Esteem;Self-Control;Positive Thoughts;Belief;Faith;1 Peter 1:23;Ephesians 3:19-20;Religion;Series;HD-KC200213;734504

  • Faith Says, Then Does

    If you’re believing God’s covenant for something; it’s time to step out in faith and away from the contradiction.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Confession/Power of Words;Words we Speak;Actions;Choices;Mark 5:21;Religion;Series;HD-KC200214;734492

  • Speak What You Want To Come To Pass

    To get what we want; we have to speak what we want to come to pass—in line with God’s covenant.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Confession/Power of Words;Words we Speak;Word of God;Truth;Believe;John 14:1;Religion;Series;HD-KC200212;733469

  • Your Feelings Are Lying to You

    Learn why so many times in life; our feelings are lying to us.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Emotion;Lying;Word of God;Faith;Love of God;Forgiveness;Authority;Mark 5:25-28;Matthew 18:20;James 1:22;Religion;Series;HD-KC200205;727087

  • Playing the Blame Game Will Hinder Your Faith

    Remember that faith works by love; so if we want to see miracles—forgive!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Responsibility;Leaders;Leadership;Endurance;Overcoming;Thinking;Mind;Forgiveness;Ephesians 4:32-5:1;Romans 5:5; Romans 4:17;Religion;Series;HD-KC200206;726299

  • Faith Demands Feeding on The Word of God

    We all have the same measure of faith; but it’s up to us to strengthen it to untouchable levels!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Word of God;Calling;Believe;Heart;Words we Speak;Mark 11:22-23;Luke 6:43-45;Religion;Series;HD-KC200204;726298

  • Access the Faith of God in the Spirit Realm

    Learn what you have to do with your mind; and how you can always put the spirit realm first to access the faith of God.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Spiritual Growth;Born Again;Power of the Holy Spirit;Believe;Spirit;Romans 12:1-3;Mark 11:22-24;Religion;Series;HD-KC200203;725277

  • Stop Fear in it's Tracks to Be Healed

    Kenneth and Gloria Copeland open up the Word of God to teach viewers around the world the principles of faith; love; redemption; and righteousness that are the foundations for victorious living through Jesus Christ.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Fear;Healing;Overcoming;Mark 5:37-42;Matthew 9:24-27;John ...

  • Faith Is the Connector to Miraculous Healing

    A healing testimony and how faith was the connector to this miraculous healing.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Miracles;Healing;Preparation;Testimony;Personal Story;Religion;Series;HD-KC200129;723014

  • Step Across the Faith Line to Be Healed

    We need to step across the faith line to be healed. Healing is already yours!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Faith;Healing;Belief;Word of God;Bible;Miracles;Thinking;Mark 5:22-29;Religion;Series;HD-KC200130;718890

  • Plug Into The Word of God to Be Healed

    Faith will never come without first being rooted and grounded in The Word.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Word of God;Healing;Giving;Work of Your Hands;Matthew 15:21-28;Mark 11:22-25;Religion;Series;HD-KC200128;718211

  • Relax in God to Be Healed

    Learn to obey His commands and lean into faith for a carefree road to healing.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Mercy;Compassion;Faith;Healing;Proverbs 10:22;Matthew 15:22-28;Religion;Series;HD-KC200127;718210

  • Be Free From Worry

    Living in fear or worry is to live in the curse. Learn to be free from worry and live in The Blessing!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Gloria Copeland;Freedom;Worry;Commandment;Covenant;Blood of Jesus;Faith;Intercessor;Prayer;Thankfulness;Praise;1 Peter 5:5-7;Philippians 4:6-9;Religion;Series;HD-KC200123;...

  • How To Destroy The Worry Habit

    Learn to resist fear; take authority over worries; and speak words of faith in God.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Gloria Copeland;Worry;Overcoming;Word of God;1 Peter 5:6-10;2 Corinthians 10:3-5;Religion;Series;HD-KC200124;715665

  • The Command And The Covenant

    We can’t have faith one day and dip our toe in fear the next. It’s one or the other! It’s all found in the command and the covenant—obey God and reap the promises.;
    Kenneth Copeland;Gloria Copeland;Commandment;Covenant;Law;Faith;Grace;Worry;Fear;Seek God;Culture;Promises of God;Romans 14:21-...

  • The Power Is In The Word

    The power to break the worry habit is in The Word of God. Don’t stay in worry when God has already planned victory!;
    Kenneth Copeland;Gloria Copeland;Word of God;Fear;Faith;Believe;Body of Christ;Romans 14:23;Mark 4:18-20;Joshua 2:9-11;Religion;Series;HD-KC200121;711754

  • Meditate On The Word Of God

    Meditate on The Word of God to drive out fear and destroy the worry habit for good!;
    ;Kenneth Copeland;Gloria Copeland;Worry;Mind;Meditation;Word of God;Born Again;Fear;Old Man;New Believer;Romans 14:23;2 Corinthians 5:17-18;Joshua 1:1-9;Religion;Series;HD-KC200120;711395

  • How to Make Deposits Into Your Heavenly Account

    How to make deposits into your heavenly account. If you don’t put anything in, you can’t take anything out.;
    ;Gloria Copeland;Giving;Money;Offering;Heart;Lifestyle;Philippians 4:14-17;Religion;Series;HD-KC200115;707768

  • How to Make Withdrawals From Your Heavenly Account Part 2

    There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to accessing your supernatural resources. Honor and obey God, and you’ll never be without.;
    ;Gloria Copeland;Heaven;Prosperity;Heart's Desire;Words we Speak;Faithfulness;Believe;Word of God;Forgiveness;Authority;Proverbs 11:24-25;James 1:5-6;Mark 11:2...

  • Interest Is Accumulating

    The connection between acting on The Word and seeing increase in your life.;
    ;Gloria Copeland;Money;Finances;Giving;Sow;Prosperity;Philippians 4:14-15;Religion;Series;HD-KC200114;707758

  • How to Make Withdrawals From Your Heavenly Account Part 1

    Earn how to make withdrawals from your heavenly account with these simple steps, and never go without again.;
    ;Gloria Copeland;Heaven;Finances;Commitment;Sow;Money;Debt-Free;Faith;Matthew 18:19;Romans 13:8;James 1:5-6;Mark 11:24;Religion;Series;HD-KC200116;707636

  • The Bank of Heaven

    How to make deposits, and how and when you can make withdrawals. You don’t have to go without another minute.;
    ;Gloria Copeland;Prosperity;God's Will;Sow;Blessing;Kingdom of God;Finances;Heaven;Need;Philippians 4:14-15;2 Chronicles 31:11;Matthew 6:20;Religion;Series;HD-KC200113;706323