Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer is an internationally renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her television program, Enjoying Everyday Life, airs daily on TBN.

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Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
  • The Lost Son and the Elder Brother Part 1

    Jesus' parables give us great insights on life! Join Joyce as she shares important lessons from the parable of the prodigal son.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Parable;Relationship with God;Comfort;Luke 15:1-7;Religion;Prodigal Son;HD-JMEEL145501;1676164

  • Breaking Free

    You can live the life of your dreams if you're willing to make some changes. Today; Joyce shares how to stop people-pleasing and start living in faith.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Overcoming;Season;Destiny;God's Will;Anointing;Ecclesiastes 3:11;Philippians 3:3;Romans 12:2;Proverbs 3:26;1 Corinthians 1:27-29;...

  • Breaking Free

    You can live the life of your dreams if you're willing to make some changes. Today; Joyce shares how to stop people-pleasing and start living in faith.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Faith;Holy Spirit;Change;Failure;Fear;Religion;HD-JMEEL145404;1674319

  • Characteristics of Humility Part 2

    Humble people are happy people. Joyce shares practical tips to help you experience more joy in your life and relationships.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Humility;Pride;Submission;Obedience;Matthew 16:13-23;Matthew 26:31-35;Luke 22:31-62;1 Samuel 15:17;Religion;HD-JMEEL145403;1673727

  • Characteristics of Humility Part 1

    Humble people have more fun. Joyce shares what it means to be humble in spirit; and how it helps us love others well.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Humility;Fruit of the Spirit;Peace;Criticism;Help;Authority;Responsibility;Love;John 10:10;1 Peter 5:6;Isaiah 14:16;1 Samuel 17:39;Religion;HD-JMEEL145402;1670553

  • Be Careful How You Live

    What would you do differently if Jesus showed up at your door today? Joyce shares how to live "on purpose; for a purpose" starting today.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Season;Plan;Focus;Legacy;1 Peter 5:8;1 Corinthians 3:10;Religion;HD-JMEEL145401;1670716

  • Watch Your Mouth - Part 2

    The Holy Spirit is here to help us live with joy; peace and power to be His witnesses. Learn how your words impact God's power in your life!;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Words we Speak;Confession/Power of Words;Speaking in Tongues;Power of the Holy Spirit;Attitude;Thinking;Discipline;Acts 1:8;James 3:1-10;Rel...

  • Watch Your Mouth Part 1

    Learn how to speak words of faith and love even when you feel hurt or disappointed; and experience the positive effects!;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Confession/Power of Words;Creation;Light of the World;Prophecy;Actions;Anointing;Presence of God;Genesis 1:3;Luke 4:1-13;Religion;HD-JMEEL145304;1669014

  • Stop Complaining - Part 2

    We are always going to be tempted to complain. But will it help or hurt our situation? Today Joyce shares wisdom to guide you in your decisions.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Complaining;Attitude;Character;Criticism;Glorify God;Thankfulness;Gratitude;Psalm 50:23;Hebrews 13:15;Numbers 21:4-7;Luke 3:14;Religion;...

  • Stop Complaining - Part 1

    We have so much to be thankful for! Today Joyce shares practical wisdom about the pain of complaining and the freedom that comes with gratitude.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Complaining;Criticism;Attitude;Character;Gratitude;Philippians 3:1;1 Thessalonians 5:18-19;Religion;HD-JMEEL145302;1665619

  • Becoming a Servant Part 3

    Becoming great in God's Kingdom begins with taking small steps of obedience. Today; Joyce shares stories and scriptures to help you observe His Word.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Servant of God;Honor;Faithfulness;Commitment;Character;Obedience;Matthew 23:11;Religion;HD-JMEEL145301;1665629

  • Becoming a Servant Part 2

    Imagine Jesus washing your feet! That's what happened to the disciples. Learn more about Christ's powerful example of servanthood.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Servant of God;Self-Esteem;Identity in Christ;Ministry;Giving;Matthew 23:11;Religion;HD-JMEEL145205;1661057

  • Becoming a Servant Part 1

    What does it take to be great in God's eyes? Today Joyce shares on the importance of putting others first and practical ways to do it.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Servant of God;Serving;Humility;Jealousy;Bitterness;Love your Neighbor;Meekness;John 10:10;Matthew 20:20-28;Philippians 4:12;Matthew 23:1-12;Relig...

  • Colossians Part 4

    How can you be a great representative for God? Learn how to love others well as Joyce wraps up her Bible study on the book of Colossians.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Relationships;Human interest;Community;Prayer;Attitude;Ephesians 3:20;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL142905;1314372

  • Stopped Up Wells

    TBN’s Flagship program features in-depth interviews with leading pastors; authors; musicians; athletes; and politicians.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Kenneth Ulmer;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JMEEL139802;942291

  • The Lost Son and the Elder Brother Part 2

    Joyce shares more lessons from the parable of the prodigal son. Learn how to experience the best things in life: peace; joy and satisfaction.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Father;Children;Emptiness;Loneliness;Sin;Repentance;Luke 15:11-21;Psalm 38:3;Isahiah 5:10;Matthew 24:22;Religion;Prodigal Son;HD-JMEEL14550...

  • Worry and Anxiety

    Feeling overwhelmed? Today Joyce shares powerful scriptures to help you stand your ground against worry and anxiety.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Worry;Anxiety;Despair;Peace;Gratitude;Thankfulness;Attitude;Trust God;Colossians 3:15;John 14:27;Philippians 4:6-7;1 Peter 5:6;Religion;HD-JMEEL145503;1684858