Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life

Joyce Meyer is an internationally renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her television program, Enjoying Everyday Life, airs daily on TBN.

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Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
  • Understanding Your Emotions Part 1

    Feelings come and go so quickly! Learn how to discern whether you're following fleeting emotions or the reliable Word of God.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Emotion;Actions;Choices;Mental Health;Wisdom;Truth;Flesh;Spirit;Jesus;Romans 8:8;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141402;1134055

  • The Supernatural

    What does the Bible say about spiritual gifts and the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Joyce and Ginger talk candidly about the supernatural.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Supernatural;Testimony;Seek God;Holy Spirit;Theology;Personal Story;Gifts of the Holy Spirit;Romans 12:1;Religion;Series;HD-JMEE...

  • The Power of Choice

    The choices we make can bring us joy or sadness; peace or distress. Today; Joyce shares how to make the best choices possible for your life.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Blessing;Curses;Death;Choices;Serving;People in your life;Faith;God's Will;Forgiveness;Sin;Anger;Thoughts - Negative;Negative Thoughts;Posit...

  • Doing Life with God Part 1

    When God tells us to do something; He also gives us the grace to get it done. Be encouraged by this message about faith; patience and trusting God.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Relationship with God;Ministry;Joy;Religion;Sanctification;Love of God;Seek God;Fellowship;Holy Spirit;Prayer;Colossians 3:17;1 Thess...

  • Be Patient with Yourself Part 2

    Keep calm and enjoy the ride. Today; Joyce shares insights to help you fully embrace your journey of spiritual growth.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Love;Kindness;Gentleness;Self Image;Mental Health;Attitude;Actions;2 Corinthians 5:17;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141302;1123117

  • Be Patient with Yourself Part 1

    Have you ever considered yourself God's clay? Joyce explains how He shapes and molds us to become more like Himself.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Spiritual Growth;Patience;God's Will;Character;Trials-Hard Times;Sanctification;Philippians 2:12-13;Romans 8:29;Matthew 5:48;2 Corinthians 5:17;James 1;3;Daniel 3:2...

  • Doing Life with God Part 2

    If you're struggling to trust God with your problems; tune in for some essential encouragement. Learn how to "let it go.";#=#;Joyce Meyer;Ginger Stache;Joy;Words we Speak;Confession/Power of Words;Thankfulness;Religion;Identity in Christ;Self Image;Judging;Hurting;Prayer;Trust God;Comfort;Colossi...

  • Facing the Impossible

    Joyce and the Talk It Out Podcast Girls share how God's Word gets us through life's impossible situations.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Ginger Stache;Erin Culley;Jai Williams;Impossible;Faith;Confession/Power of Words;Believe;Prayer;Belief;Doubt;Words we Speak;Matthew 19:26;Ephesians 6:13;James 4:2;Mark 11:23...

  • Prayers That Get Answered Part 4

    What's the secret to a powerful prayer life? Joyce shares more powerful truths to help your faith flourish.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Ginger Stache;Pride;Prayer;Humility;Repentance;Judging;Parenting;Confession/Power of Words;Words we Speak;Luke 18:9-14;1 Thessalonians 2:13;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141204;11...

  • Prayers That Get Answered Part 3

    "Did God really say that?" Learn what to do when doubts begin to undermine your faith in God and His plans for your life.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Confession/Power of Words;Prayer;Forgiveness;Thankfulness;Justification;Temptation;Words we Speak;James 1:5-8;James 1:6-8;Mark 11:23-24;2 Corinthians 4:13;2 Co...

  • Prayers That Get Answered Part 1

    The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective. Today; Joyce shares insights to enhance your prayer life.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Prayer;Faith;Patience;Doubt;Focus;James 4:1-2;James 5:16;Phillipians 4:11;Ephesians 3:20;John 15:7;Mark 11:24;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141201;1113750

  • Prayers That Get Answered Part 2

    God is listening to your prayers. But are you listening to Him? Today; Joyce shares helpful insights to the practice of prayer.;#=#;Forgiveness;Focus;Prayer Life;Joyce Meyer;Prayer;Abide;Anger;God's Will;Offense;Forgiveness;John 15:7;Proverbs 3:6;Matthew 6:7;Matthew 4:26;Matthew 6:14;Mark 11:24;P...

  • Get Over Your Sweet Little Self Part 3

    With God's help; you can declare war on selfishness and win! Be empowered to live by Christ's example.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Selfishness;Love your Neighbor;Self-Denial;Life After Death;Sacrifice;Legacy;Pride;Disobedience;Light of the World;2 Timothy 3:1-2;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141105;1111585

  • Relationships

    God's Word offers us great advice on how to get along with all sorts of people. Get help with your relationships!;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Community;Unity;People in your life;Division;Church;Family;Matthew 7:12;Religion;Series;HD-JMEEL141104;1108527

  • Stopped Up Wells

    TBN’s Flagship program features in-depth interviews with leading pastors; authors; musicians; athletes; and politicians.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Kenneth Ulmer;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JMEEL139802;942291