Jim Scudder, Jr.: InGrace

Jim Scudder, Jr.: InGrace

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Jim Scudder, Jr.: InGrace
  • Memories Part 1

    Discover why memories are a gift from God in this special episode of InGrace with Jim Scudder; Jr. and special guest Jim Costello.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Jim Costello;Mind;Mental Health;Challenges;Relationships;Physical Health;Personal Story;Testimony;Ephesians 2:8-9;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0114;1442229

  • Jesus' Last Day Part 2

    Experience the places where Jesus would have spent His final hours before His crucifixion as Jim Scudder; Jr. retraces the steps of our Savior in Jerusalem; Israel.;#=#;Jim Scudder; Jr.;Last supper;Jesus;Death;Resurrection;Crucifixion;Israel;Bible History;Sacrifice;Redemption;John 14:1-3;Psalm 88...

  • Jesus' Last Day Part 1

    Join Jim Scudder; Jr. in Israel as he retraces the steps of Jesus on His final day before His crucifixion.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Israel;Bible History;Jewish Tradition;Jesus;Garden of Gethsemane;Temptation;Prayer;Salvation;Redemption;John 14:2-3;John 12:13;John 13:5;Mark 14:22-25;Luke 22:48;54-60;Re...

  • The Deepest Evil Part 4

    How Could This Happen? – Exploring how the Holocaust could have happened.;#=#;Jim Scudder; Jr.;Steen Metz;Holocaust;Nazi;Millennials;Chosen people;Persecution;History;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0111;1397411

  • The Deepest Evil Part 3

    See It For Myself – Jim Scudder; Jr.’s first visit to concentration camps.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Steen Metz;Holocaust;Nazi;Evil;Testimony;World History;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0110;1386688

  • The Deepest Evil Part 2

    A Child’s Eyes – Steen Metz sees things in Terezin no child should ever see.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Steen Metz;Evil;War;Racism;Nazi;American History;World History;Personal Story;Trials-Hard Times;Psalm 22:1;Isaiah 53:10;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0109;1375462

  • The Deepest Evil Part 1

    A Boy Arrested – Steen Metz and his family are imprisoned for being Jewish.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Steen Metz;Evil;War;Jewish History;Nazi;Persecution;Racism;Personal Story;Isaiah 53:6;10;Zechariah 12:10;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0108;1361771

  • An Alaskan Adventure Part 2

    Journey with Jim Scudder; Jr. and Dr. Bruce Malone as they discover the wonders of Creation in Alaska.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bruce Malone;Creation;Environment;Science;Nature;Hand of God;God's Will;Bible;Noah's Ark;Ephesians 2:8-9;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0107;1343517

  • Finishing Strong Part 4

    How can we finish strong? Join Jim Scudder; Jr. and his father; Dr. James A. Scudder; as they share the best way to finish strong.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;James A. Scudder;Endurance;Family;Death;Personal Story;Strength;Leaders;Trials-Hard Times;Love of God;Miracles;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG01...

  • An Alaskan Adventure Part 1

    Jim Jim Scudder, Jr. and Dr. Bruce Malone as they travel to Alaska and discover God's amazing creation.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bruce Malone;Personal Story;Environment;Nature;American History;Love your Neighbor;People in your life;Creation;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0106;1308664

  • Finish Strong Part 3

    Can one man really win the world for Christ? Join Jim Scudder, Jr. as he interviews his father, Dr. James A. Scudder, and discovers how one man's vision has impacted the world.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Family;Personal Story;Testimony;Faith;Endurance;Walk with God;Integrity;Salvation;Evangeli...

  • Finish Strong Part 2

    From the University of Kentucky to Florida Bible College, Dr. James A. Scudder was God's faithful servant. Journey with Jim Scudder, Jr. as he retraces his father's steps and discovers how we can finish strong.,#=#,Salvation,Jim Scudder Jr.,James A. Scudder,Family;Strength;Endurance;Death;Love;Te...

  • Finish Strong Part 1

    Join Jim Scudder, Jr. as he interviews his father and the founding pastor of the Quentin Road Baptist Church, Dr. James A. Scudder.,#=#,Salvation,Jim Scudder Jr.,James A. Scudder,Encouragement;Death;Personal Story;Endurance;Family;Testimony;Faith;God's Will;American History;Racism;Church,Religion...

  • Soar

    Fly through the clouds with Jim Scudder, Jr. in this special aviation episode of InGrace.,#=#,Salvation,Jim Scudder Jr.,Walk with God;Preparation;Relationship with God;Seek God;Technology;American History;Bible;Truth;Word of God,Religion;Series,HD-JSIG0101,1257690

  • Bethlehem's Tower Part 2

    Experience the life of Christ like never before with Part 2 of Quentin Road Baptist Church's Christmas Pageant.,#=#,Jim Scudder Jr.,Jesus;Savior;Resurrection;Sacrifice;Cross,Religion;Series,HD-JSIG0100,1253776

  • Bethlehem's Tower Part 1

    Experience Christmas like never before with Part 1 of Quentin Road Baptist Church's Christmas Pageant.,#=#,Salvation,Jim Scudder Jr.,Christmas;Gospel;Movies/Film,Religion;Series,Quentin Road Baptist Church, We're Glad You Came;Quentin Road Baptist Church, The Road To Impossible;Quentin Road Bapti...

  • Exploring God's Ocean Part 4

    Travel with Jim Scudder, Jr. and Dr. Robert Carter to Key Largo, Florida, and dive into God's creation like never before with Part 4 of Exploring God's Ocean.,#=#,Jim Scudder, Jr.,Robert Carter,Science;Environment;Creation;Nature;Personal Story,Genesis 1:21,Religion;Series,HD-JSIG0098,1229826

  • Exploring God's Ocean Part 3

    In Part 3 of Exploring God's Ocean; Jim Scudder; Jr. takes the team to explore God's creation in over 1;300 feet of water.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Robert Carter;Creation;Environment;Nature;Science;Personal Story;God's Will;Hand of God;Genesis 1:1;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0097;1216194

  • Exploring God's Ocean Part 2

    Watch out for sharks in this episode of InGrace! Jim Scudder; Jr. and Marine Biologist Dr. Robert Carter take you on an adventure under the water to explore God's amazing creation even after the sun sets.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Robert Carter;Creation;Environment;Science;Hand of God;Christi...

  • Exploring God's Ocean Part 1

    In this exciting episode of InGrace; Jim Scudder; Jr. and PHD Marine Biologist; Dr. Robert Carter; travel to Key Largo; Florida to explore God's wonderful creation.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Robert Carter;Creation;Education;Heaven;Earth;Evolution;1 Corinthians 2:9;Religion;Series;Thanksgiving;HD-JSIG0...

  • A Tour of Noah's Ark with Bodie Hodge Part 4

    To conclude this exciting series Jim Scudder; Jr. and Bodie Hodge discuss the importance of accurately representing the truth of the Biblical account of Noah's Flood.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bodie Hodge;Creation;Bible History;Word of God;Christian Science;Noah's Ark;Nature;Hand of God;Envir...

  • A Tour of Noah's Ark with Bodie Hodge Part 3

    Joined by Bodie Hodge; Jim Scudder; Jr. examines the evidence of whether or not the Biblical account of Noah's Flood can be trusted.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bodie Hodge;Bible History;Biblical Artifacts;Creation;Word of God;Religion;Series;Noah;HD-JSIG0093;1170652

  • A Tour of Noah's Ark with Bodie Hodge Part 2

    In Part 2 of this exciting series; Jim Scudder; Jr. and Bodie Hodge continue their tour or the Ark Encounter and discuss the roll that sin played in causing the worldwide flood of Noah's day.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bodie Hodge;Bible History;Biblical Artifacts;Creation;Bible;Theology;Sickne...

  • A Tour of Noah's Ark with Bodie Hodge Part 1

    Travel with Jim Scudder; Jr. as he meets Bodie Hodge at the impressive; full-size Ark Encounter as the two men explore if all the animals could have fit on Noah's Ark.;#=#;Salvation;Jim Scudder Jr.;Bodie Hodge;Bible;Bible History;World History;Biblical Artifacts;Christian Science;Technology;Evolu...