Jim Scudder, Jr.:  InGrace

Jim Scudder, Jr.: InGrace

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Jim Scudder, Jr.:  InGrace
  • Jesus’ Last Day Part 2

    Experience the places where Jesus would have spent His final hours before His crucifixion as Jim Scudder; Jr. retraces the steps of our Savior in Jerusalem; Israel.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Last supper;Crucifixion;Cross;Resurrection;Calvary;Suffering;Love of God;John 14:1-3;Religion;Series;Jesus Chris...

  • Jesus’ Last Day Part 1

    Join Jim Scudder; Jr. in Israel as he retraces the steps of Jesus on His final day before His crucifixion.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Last supper;Heaven;Encouragement;Word of God;Church History;Communion;New Covenant;Garden of Gethsemane;John 14:2-3;John 12:13;Mark 14:22-25;Religion;Series;Jesus;John;HD...

  • Corona Virus Special

    In this episode of InGrace Jim Scudder; Jr. interviews Robert Carter about how Christians should deal with pandemics such as the coronavirus.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Robert Carter;Fear;Science;Faith;Government;Sickness;Christianity;Sovereignty;Genesis 1:31;HD-JSIGS0001;795048

  • Triumph in Tragedy Part 2

    Join Jim Scudder; Jr. every week on an adventure of faith exploring God's amazing world finding grace and hope.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Shelly Hamilton;American History;Cancer;Suicide;Trials-Hard Times;Testimony;Personal Story;Singer/Songwriter;Ministry;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0060R;785279

  • Triumph In Tragedy Part 1

    Travel with Jim Scudder; Jr. as he visits South Carolina to interview Shelly Hamilton; cofounder of "Patch the Pirate" a popular Biblically-based children's drama series. The two discuss how to trust the Lord even in the midst of trials when it is hard to see the purpose of His plan.;#=#;Jim Scud...

  • Should Christians Be Involved in Politics? Part 1

    Join us as Jim Scudder; Jr. interviews some of the most prominent Christian Leaders in today's society including Franklin Graham; Governor Mike Huckabee; and many more; to find out if Christians should be involved in politics.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Franklin Graham;Mike Huckabee;Dan McConchie;Todd S...

  • Irrefutable Creation Evidence Part 2

    Explore the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose; Texas with renowned Creationist Dr. Carl Baugh and Jim Scudder Jr.;#=#;Jim Scudder Jr.;Carl Baugh;Creation;Science;Archaeology;Grace;Evolution;Genesis 6:14;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0056;743130

  • Irrefutable Creation Evidence Part 1

    Travel to Texas with Jim Scudder; Jr. to tour Dr. Carl Baugh's Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose; Texas.;
    Jim Scudder Jr.;Carl Baugh;Creation;Archaeology;Personal Story;Bible History;World History;Science;Romans 1:28;Job 40:15;Romans 3:23;Romans 5:8;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0055;737677

  • The Deepest Evil Part 4

    How could this happen? Exploring how the holocaust could have happened.;
    Jim Scudder Jr.;Shelley Neese;Mark Robinson;Jerry Bergman;War;Holocaust;Jewish History;Evil;Trials-Hard Times;Personal Story;Testimony;Covenant;Sin;Salvation;Deuteronomy 31:16-17;Jeremiah 5:19;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG005...

  • The Deepest Evil Part 3

    See It For Myself: Jim Scudder; Jr.’s first visit to concentration camps.;
    Jim Scudder Jr.;Karen Scudder;Holocaust;Millennials;Personal Story;Testimony;Trials-Hard Times;Abuse;Deception;Murder;Jeremiah 17:9;Zechariah 2:8;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0053;726593

  • The Deepest Evil Part 2

    A Child’s Eyes: Steen Metz sees things in Terezin no child should ever see.;
    Jim Scudder Jr.;Steen Metz;Evil;Morals;Children;Holocaust;Jewish History;Personal Story;Testimony;Death;War;Nazi;John 3:16;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0052;713357

  • The Deepest Evil Part 1

    A Boy Arrested: Steen Metz and his family are imprisoned for being Jewish.;
    Jim Scudder Jr.;Steen Metz;Evil;Holocaust;War;Nazi;Religion;Family;Suffering;Psalm 88:3-4;Isaiah 53:5-6;Zechariah 12:10;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0051;713228

  • A Moon's View Part 2

    Join Jim Scudder, Jr. every week on an adventure of faith exploring God's amazing world finding grace and hope.;
    ;Jim Scudder, Jr.;Science;Education;Relationship with God;Creation;Courage;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0050R;711427

  • A Moon’s View Part 1

    Join Jim Scudder, Jr. in Texas as he interviews the youngest man to walk on the moon, Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke.;
    ;Jim Scudder Jr.;Charlie Duke;Science;Education;Dedication/Devotion;Focus;Struggle;Religion;Series;HD-JSIG0049;699889