Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

Explore the Jewish Roots of your Christian Faith, and learn how bible prophecy and today’s world events surrounding Israel are connected to your life.

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Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis
  • Shaking Heaven and Earth

    The world may be shaking but God will pour out His glory.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Lance Wallnau;Author;Jewish Tradition;Theology;Study;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2116;1489101

  • See Dividing Walls Fall

    Yes; walls can fall as we pursue God's healing of our land!;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Kenneth Ulmer;Racism;Politics;Division;Humility;Social Media;Justice;Brokenness;Israel;2 Chronicles 7:14;Religion;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2115;1465073

  • Empowered and Battle-Ready

    Strengthen your faith to be a battle-ready overcomer!;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;David Giamonna;Tony Anderson;Spiritual Warfare;End Times;Last Days;Fear;Government;Preparation;Boundaries;Freedom;Israel;Prophecy;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2114;1441069

  • Easter Through a Jewish Lens

    Have a more meaningful Easter than ever before!;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Death;Resurrection;Crucifixion;Faith;Marriage Supper of the Lamb;Prophecy;Exodus 12;Isaiah 53;1 Corinthians 15:1;3-4;John 1;Religion;Talk Show;Jesus;Easter;Passover;HD-JBJV2113;1424658

  • Passover and Easter

    Discover exciting parallels; connections and differences between Passover and Easter.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Jewish Tradition;Crucifixion;Last supper;Jewish History;Resurrection;Messiah;Prophecy;Blood of Jesus;Redemption;Zechariah 9:9;Religion;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2112;1414564

  • From Survive To Thrive

    God doesn't want us to merely survive; but to thrive!;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Samuel Rodriguez;Author;Evangelism;Movies/Film;Pastors;Israel;Disease;Racism;Theology;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2111;1397087

  • Observance of Passover

    Gain a fresh perspective on why Jesus is called our Passover Lamb!;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Prophecy;Jesus;Blood of Jesus;Last supper;Resurrection;Jewish History;Redemption;Isaiah 53:5;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2110;1387205

  • Old Testament Covenants

    Five biblical covenants build upon each other. The Adamic and Noahic Covenants.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Covenant;Promises of God;Faithfulness;Relationship with God;Israel;Dominion;Authority;Confession/Power of Words;Genesis 1:24-28;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2109;1375448

  • Purim: A Time To Celebrate

    Discovering the God of Purim who still intervenes to protect His children.;#=#;Needs;Healing;Finances;Restoration;Jonathan Bernis;Antichrist;Deliverance;Jewish History;Jewish Tradition;Tradition-Jewish;Jeremiah 31;Esther 4:13-14;Psalm 122:6;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Haman;Esther;Mordecai;HD-JBJV2...

  • Acres of Diamonds

    Learn to celebrate spiritual bounty even in difficult seasons.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Jentezen Franklin;Blessing;Potential;Waiting on God;Trust God;Diligence;Patience;Endurance;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2107;1347134

  • Rekindle The Altar Fire

    Rebuilding space in your life for God's presence and power to fall.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Chuck Pierce;Author;Pastors;Prophecy;Bible History;Jewish History;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2106;1305761

  • Testimony of Mike Lindell

    From crack addict to CEO, God changed the My Pillow guy’s life.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Mike Lindell;Personal Story;Testimony;Hope;Abuse;Drugs;Purpose;Restoration;Love of God;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2104;1294326

  • El Roee Part 2

    God sees you! Learn how to confess this enduring promise today.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Names of God;Truth;Promises of God;Elohim;Trust God;Hope;Destiny;Purpose;Comfort;Jewish Tradition;Genesis 16:9-11;Proverbs 15:3;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2103;1284885

  • Covenant Part 3

    Learn how the New Covenant relates to the Old Testament Covenants.,#=#,Jonathan Bernis,Ezra Benjamin,Covenant;Creation;Bible History;Jewish History;Dedication/Devotion,Matthew 5:17-18,Religion;Talk Show;Series,HD-JBJV2102,1271831

  • Covenant Part 2

    How the Abrahamic and Mosaic Covenants confirm and rest on previous covenants.,#=#,Jonathan Bernis,Ezra Benjamin,Covenant;Commitment;Dedication/Devotion;Religion;Jewish History,Religion;Talk Show;Series,HD-JBJV2101,1259660

  • Covenant Part 1

    Five biblical covenants build upon each other. The Adamic and Noahic Covenants.,#=#,Jonathan Bernis,Ezra Benjamin,Covenant;Dedication/Devotion;Redemption;Love of God;Jewish History;Bible;Revelation,Religion;Talk Show;Series,HD-JBJV2053,1248644

  • Holiday Bible Show

    Explore the Jewish Roots of your Christian Faith, and learn how bible prophecy and today’s world events surrounding Israel are connected to your life.,#=#,Jonathan Bernis;Daniah Greenberg,Jewish History;Relationship with God;Heavenly Father;Child of God;Word of God;Transformation;Bible,Deuteronom...

  • Where Is The Real Mount Sinai?

    Biblical clues that Mount Sinai might not be where we thought.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Joel Richardson;Jewish Tradition;Truth;Lies;Israel;World History;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2051;1224878

  • Celebration of Chanukah

    Find out how Chanukah; the season of miracles; relates to Jesus.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Jewish Tradition;Bible History;Personal Story;Comfort;Family;Love of God;Provision;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Chanukah;HD-JBJV2050;1218032

  • The Parasha

    Discover the precious gems that the Torah portions hold for you.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Jewish Tradition;Israel;Bible History;Chosen people;Blessing;Torah;Religion;Series;Talk Show;Moses;HD-JBJV2049;1206111

  • The Shema

    Learn two Jewish prayers that are central to your faith in Jesus.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Prayer;Confession/Power of Words;Seek God;Christianity;Israel;First Love;Heart;Soul;Strength;Deuteronomy 6:4;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2048;1193117

  • Chanukah

    How Chanukah applies to Christians and is the perfect time for rededication.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Jewish History;Jewish Tradition;Tradition-Jewish;Bible History;Christmas;World History;John 10:22-24;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2047;1182854

  • Guest Daniah Greenberg

    Discover the Jewish roots of your Christian faith through the context of the Bible.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Daniah Greenberg;Jewish History;Jewish Tradition;Torah;Bible History;Chosen people;Religion;Series;Talk Show;HD-JBJV2046;1172427

  • Hebrew Scriptures Part 2

    Explore the Jewish Roots of your Christian Faith; and learn how bible prophecy and today’s world events surrounding Israel are connected to your life.;#=#;Jonathan Bernis;Ezra Benjamin;Women of the Bible;Bible History;Division;Jewish History;Promises of God;Prophecy;Salvation;Love of God;Delivera...