Insights: Israel & The Middle East

Insights: Israel & The Middle East

2 Seasons

New Episodes every Thursday. Take an inside look at modern Israel, including stories of what Israel has accomplished in regards to technology, innovation, faith, and more. Each episode focuses on a unique topic and features global leaders in their industries and disciplines.

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Insights: Israel & The Middle East
  • Uniting the Middle East

    Episode 1

    The impact the recent peace accords are having on Israel and the region.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Peace;Israel;Government;Unity;War;Politics;News;Isaiah 2:3;Religion;HD-SSIIME0113;1713822

  • The Start-Up Nation

    Episode 2

    The connection between anti-Semitism throughout history, modern Israel, and Christian-Jewish relations.

  • Out Of The Ashes

    Episode 3

    Israel’s journey from a struggling immigrant economy to a global leader in innovation and technology.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Discrimination;Persecution;Racism;Church History;Peace;Jewish History;Holocaust;Hatred;Religion;HD-SSIIME0111;1685960

  • Faith Keepers

    Episode 4

    The history of ancient Christian communities in the Middle East and their connection to Israel; Judaism and the rest of the Christian world.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Christianity;Israel;Jewish History;Messiah;History;Jewish Tradition;Judaism;Persecution;Acts 2:1-5;Religion;HD-SSIIME0110;16...

  • Holy City

    Episode 5

    The history of ancient Christian communities in the Middle East and their connection to Israel, Judaism and the rest of the Christian world.

  • The Ancient Minority

    Episode 6

    In 72 years Israel has grown from a fledgling country to a leader in technology; especially life saving med-tech;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Love your Neighbor;Good Samaritan;Enemy;Theology;Jewish Tradition;Jewish History;Tradition-Jewish;Israel;Luke 10:25-37;Religion;Israel;HD-SSIIME0108;163...

  • Life-Saving Science

    Episode 7

    In 72 years Israel has grown from a fledgling country to a leader in technology; especially life saving med-tech.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Marcelle Machluf;Ran Nussbaum;Ohad Karnieli;Steve Rhodes;Medical;Health;Science;Technology;Israel;Genesis 22:18;Religion;HD-SSIIME0107;1631456

  • Biblical Roots

    Episode 8

    Israel made the desert bloom; and today it maintains a thriving agricultural industry.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Haim Rabinowitch;Guy Sela;Avi Gross;May Drai;Tomer Tzach;Rivka Ofir;Tomer Chanin;Nadav Aylon;Israel;Science;Wisdom;Blessing;Technology;Numbers 13:2;Religion;HD-SSIIME0106R;1633380

  • Not By Might, Nor By Power

    Episode 9

    Israel's journey toward energy independence.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Technology;Israel;Environment;Genesis 49:25-26;Religion;Series;HD-SSIIME0105;1552118

  • An Invisible War

    Episode 10

    How Israel is combating cyber attack at home and abroad.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Israel;War;Persecution;Military;Religion;Series;Israel;HD-SSIIME0104;1556581

  • Land Of Our Fathers

    Episode 11

    The natural wonders of Israel and how modern Israelis are playing their part in preserving them.;#=#;Samuel Smadjia;Erez Soref;Israel;Promise Land;Jewish Tradition;Generations;Bible History;Matthew 4:15;Religion;Series;Israel;HD-SSIIME0103;1551835

  • Water with Joy

    Episode 12

    Israel solved its water crisis and is now able to export water overseas.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Promise Land;Trials-Hard Times;Israel;Science;Technology;2 Kings 20:20;Isaiah 36:1;Religion;Series;HD-SSIIME0102;1551836

  • Beneath Our Feet

    Episode 13

    See the discoveries that support the Bible and help us understand our past.;#=#;Samuel Smadja;Mati Shoshani;Archaeology;Biblical Artifacts;Israel;Religion;Series;Jesus Christ;Israel;HD-SSIIME0101;1550498