How Simple Obedience Becomes World Changing

How Simple Obedience Becomes World Changing

God uses obedience from ordinary, flawed people to do amazing things. “God breathed” sovereign acts happened with these authors being as surprised as everyone else at the great impact of their work. What does God want to do through you?

How Simple Obedience Becomes World Changing
  • Max Lucado: You Are Never Alone

    Max Lucado reveals that even in the most horrific times; you are never alone; for Jesus is with you.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Max Lucado;Obedience;Trust God;Loneliness;Community;Love of God;Purpose;Gospel;Religion;Talk Show;Mary (Sister of Lazarus);HD-PFR0012;2011159

  • Joel Osteen: Your Best Life Now

    Pastor Joel Osteen encourages us all to examine what we really believe; because what we believe about ourselves determines our outcome.;#=#;

  • Rick Warren: The Purpose Driven Life

    With more than 35 million copies sold; and more than 70 translations available; The Purpose Driven Life is far more than just a book; it's the road map for your spiritual journey. Rick uncovers how to find purpose in your pain and answers the age-old question: why does God allow bad things to hap...

  • Gary Chapman: The 5 Love Languages

    Making the New York times best-seller list since 2007; the Five Love Languages is a best-seller over; and over. Dr. Gary Chapman explains how he came to discover the 5 love languages and dives into each one in-depth; with practical and encouraging lessons for us all; to transform the way we love ...