• Surrounded | This Is How We Fight Our Battles

    A night of worship; prayer and awakening. Hosted by TBN from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville; TN.;#=#;Michael W. Smith;Music;Religion;Special;HD-TBNSPL6982;1468139

  • A21 Biblical Justice

    Christine Caine shares about the mission of A21 and the importance of fighting for Justice in the body of Christ.;#=#;Christine Caine;Rhiannon Bell;Slavery;Human Trafficking;Help;Believe;Faith;Actions;Calling;Law;Community;Body of Christ;Justice;Commission;Commandment;Calling;Purpose;Responsibili...

  • Central Africa

    23 videos

    Discover how God is at work in Central Africa with The State of Faith.

  • Praise | Shimon Gibson | April 5, 2021

    Matt Crouch hosts Shimon Gibson in an archaeology Praise special.;#=#;Matt Crouch;Shimon Gibson;Church History;Biblical Artifacts;Archaeology;Education;Science;Crucifixion;Witness/Witnessing;Archaeology;Biblical Artifacts;Church History;Crucifixion;Trials-Hard Times;Science;Education;Author;Archa...

  • Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth

    6 videos

    Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth is TBN’s six-part documentary series chronicling the Gospel’s spread from 12 Apostles in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago to a major presence on every continent today.

    The series is narrated by Golden Globe ® nominee Dennis Haysbert.

  • Transformation Church with Michael Todd

    17 videos

    Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd are the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church based in Tulsa, OK since February 2015. They were entrusted with Transformation Church from the founding pastor, Bishop Gary McIntosh, after 15 years of operation. Their personal philosophy and driving passion is re-pr...

  • The Chosen Unveiled

    8 videos

    Rabbi Jason Sobel teaches on biblical themes present in Season 1 of the hit series, "The Chosen."

  • One Night With The King

    In Biblical times; a girl disguises her Jewish origins when the Persian king comes looking for a new bride. She goes on to become Esther; Queen of Persian and saves the Jewish nation from annihilation.;#=#;Tiffany Dupont;Luke Goss;John Noble;Bible History;Prophet/Prophets;Movies/Film;War;Persecut...

  • An Extraordinary Journey

    An exclusive look at how God used one man to share one message to millions.;#=#;Salvation;Billy Graham;Honor;Evangelism;Christianity;Culture;Church History;American History;Boldness;Courage;Godly Man;Personal Story;Documentary;Religion;HD-TBNSPL6787R;747889

  • Praise
    652 videos


    652 videos

    Relevant. Amazing guests. Inspiring talk. Where faith and culture meet. Watch now!

  • Better Together

    3 seasons

    Watch Better Together for your daily destination for love, friendship, encouragement, and community! Join host Laurie Crouch and friends as they sit down for fun, faith and some powerful conversations about relevant issues all women talk about.

  • A Christian Response to Coronavirus

    20 videos

    Hear what God's word has to say during these times of crisis.

    Trinity Broadcasting Network.
    All Rights Reserved. Broadcasting since 1973. Trinity Broadcasting Network is the DBA of Trinity Broadcasting of Texas, Inc., a Texas religious non-profit church corporation holding 501(C)(3) status wit...

  • Huckabee
    156 videos


    156 videos

    Huckabee is America’s favorite “front porch” music and talk show, coming to you weekly from TBN’s famed Trinity Music City in Nashville. Hosted by former Arkansas governor and popular conservative commentator Mike Huckabee, the hour-long program is a down-home slice of wholesome Americana in all ...

  • The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

    63 videos

    Join nationally syndicated radio host Eric Metaxas as he welcomes guests that uplift, inspire and bring thought-provoking commentary.

  • Dr. Tony Evans

    27 videos

    Dr. Tony Evans is founder and senior pastor of the 10,000-member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and president of the Urban Alternative, a broadcast and teaching ministry founded over thirty-five years ago by Dr. Evans. Through his weekly television program Dr. Evans brings a message...

  • Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

    165 videos

    Sound teaching from God’s Word is the foundation of Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah. Recorded at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California, where Dr. Jeremiah is Senior Pastor, Turning Point carries forward Dr. Jeremiah’s goal of bringing the unchanging truth of Scripture to...

  • Understanding One Another: Racial Reconciliation

    13 videos

  • Faith Topic: Fear/Anxiety

    8 videos

    Be encouraged by God's Word and overcome fear and anxiety.

    Trinity Broadcasting Network
    All Rights Reserved. Broadcasting since 1973. Trinity Broadcasting Network is the DBA of Trinity Broadcasting of Texas, Inc., a Texas religious non-profit church corporation holding 501(C)(3) status with th...

  • In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley

    27 videos

    In Touch Ministries is the broadcast teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Joel Osteen
    183 videos

    Joel Osteen

    183 videos

    Joel and Victoria Osteen pastor Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, one of the largest and most dynamic congregations in America, with an average weekly attendance of over 40,000 people. Through his New York Times bestselling books and his daily program on TBN, Joel Osteen is communicating a power...

  • The Potter's Touch with T. D. Jakes

    101 videos

    The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes goes directly to God’s Word to offer powerful solutions to life’s toughest issues. With each broadcast Bishop Jakes brings a message of healing and restoration to homes and hearts around the world.

  • Living Proof with Beth Moore

    26 videos

    Living Proof With Beth Moore is dedicated to encouraging individuals to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture.