Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration

Watch a full line-up of programs celebrating the HOPE available to us through our Risen King!

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Easter Celebration
  • Rise Up And Reign Over Your Enemies

    Discover the winning attitude God wants you to have during trying times and rise above your enemies.;#=#;Joseph Prince;Blessing;Messiah;Rest of God;Love of God;Eternal Life;Life After Death;Death;Heaven;Jesus;Resurrection;New Beginning;Psalm 91:1;Ephesians 2:4-7;Proverbs 18:14;Song Of Solomon 2:1...

  • Victory Because Of The Cross

    Dr. Tony Evans is known as a relevant expositor and is a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith.;#=#;Tony Evans;Cross;Crucifixion;Heir;Grace;Love of God;Salvation;Romans 8:32;37;Ephesians 2:8-10;Romans 1:18;Romans 5:8;Religion;HD-TETA1313;1437901

  • Complete The Cross Part 2

    Elevation with Steven Furtick focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.;#=#;Steven Furtick;Last supper;Disciples;Cross;Love of God;Jesus;Favor;Confidence;Loyalty;John 19:25;Religion;Series;John;Peter;Mary;Good Friday;Easter;HD-SF211306;1434919

  • Our Only Hope

    Touching Lives is the international broadcast ministry of Dr. James Merritt.;#=#;James Merritt;Hope;Struggle;Restoration;Life After Death;Resurrection;1 Peter 1:1-5;Religion;Easter;HD-JMTL2114;1428814

  • Resurrection

    Based on a short story by Max Lucado; and set in Jerusalem at Christ's time: Claudius (Robert Jobe) is a Roman guard who winds up amidst a cover up regarding Christ's execution and the events following.;#=#;Robert Jobe;Mark Steele;Ray Lewandowski;Truth;Resurrection;Jesus;Messiah;Jewish History;Mo...

  • Golgotha

    In man’s cruelest act against God; see God’s greatest love revealed! In this uplifting Resurrection Sunday sermon; Joseph Prince unveils the love of God like never before.;#=#;Salvation;Joseph Prince;Jesus;Crucifixion;Resurrection;Righteousness;Cross;Religion;Special;God;Jerusalem;Israel;HD-TBNSP...

  • The Easter Experience | My Life Has A Purpose

    Experience the power of the passion and resurrection of Jesus.;#=#;Kyle Idleman;Purpose;Death;Betrayal;Disciples;Jesus;Calling;Serving;Last supper;Movies/Film;Drama;Religion;Series;HD-TEE0001R;1425482

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | The Gospel of the Second Chance

    The Gospel of the Second Chance
    Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0002; 300765

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Coming Home

    Coming Home
    Easter; Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0004; 300767

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Open Arms

    Open Arms
    Jesus Christ; Max Lucado; Loneliness; Jesus; Savior; Repentance; Guilt; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0003; 300766

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Final Acts, Final Words

    Final Acts Final Words
    Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0001; 300764

  • Better Together LIVE | Episode 219

    Laurie Crouch; Lisa Harper; Lisa Bevere; Stephanie Ike; and Mo Isom Aiken on the necessity of releasing hurt in order to find healing.;#=#;Laurie Crouch;Lisa Harper;Lisa Bevere;Stephanie Ike;Mo Isom Aiken;Women in Ministry;Forgiveness;Heaven;Personal Story;Struggle;Hurting;Sexual Abuse;Rape;Grief...

  • Better Together LIVE | Episode 218

    Though Jesus; we get to experience restoration and renewal of our hearts; minds; and relationships. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000;#=#;Laurie Crouch;Lisa Harper;Lisa Bevere;Stephanie Ike;Mo Isom Aiken;Savior;Eternal Life;Resurrection;Women in Ministry;Pastors;Matthew 27:51-53;Christian;Talk S...

  • Better Together LIVE | Episode 217

    God's unconditional love for us led to His greatest sacrifice. Our Savior bore the sin of the world upon a cross. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000;#=#;Laurie Crouch;Lisa Harper;Lisa Bevere;Stephanie Ike;Mo Isom Aiken;Passion;Hope;Cross;Visions/Dreams;Pastors;Personal Story;Redemption;Restoration...

  • Better Together LIVE | Episode 216

    "Do this in remembrance of Me." What is the significance of the Lord's Supper in our modern world? | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000;#=#;Laurie Crouch;Lisa Harper;Lisa Bevere;Stephanie Ike;Mo Isom Aiken;Jesus;Last supper;Communion;Relationship with God;Savior;Women in Ministry;Testimony;Sacrifice...

  • Heroes In The Body Of Christ

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin brings practical meaning to spiritual truths found in God’s Word.;#=#;Jentezen Franklin;Body of Christ;Jesus;Disciples;Crucifixion;Death;Serving;Love your Neighbor;Relationship with God;Matthew 27:57-61;Religion;Joseph of Arimathea;HD-JF2114;1437824

  • Put First Things First

    Bible teacher Joyce Meyer shares timeless scriptural principles to show us how we can embrace the best God has for us each and every day of our lives.;#=#;Joyce Meyer;Sin;Redemption;Blood of Jesus;Freedom;Guilt;Cross;Healing;Love of God;Eternal Life;Promises of God;Isaiah 53:4-5;1 Peter 3:18;John...

  • From Galilee to Gethsemane Part 2

    Join Pastor Robert on a journey to the Holy Land of Israel! The stories you’ve read in the Bible will come alive and your faith will soar as you experience the land for yourself and enjoy face-to-face teaching as Pastor Robert shares insightful and fascinating stories; along with biblical history...