Easter Celebration

Easter Celebration

Watch a full line-up of programs celebrating the HOPE available to us through our Risen King!

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Easter Celebration
  • Global Easter Celebration

    A Resurrection Sunday celebration featuring: Chris Tomlin and the Chris Tomlin Band; author and pastor Max Lucado; singer/songwriter Pat Barrett and Grammy nominated artists We The Kingdom.;#=#;Salvation;Max Lucado;Chris Tomlin;Pat Barrett;We The Kingdom;Bible;Truth;Seek God;Faithfulness;Trust Go...

  • Risen King - An Easter Special with Tye Tribbett

    Tye is joined by Donnie McClurkin; JJ Hairston; Resound; and Miles Caton for a musical journey through Jesus’ last days on earth; his crucifixion; death; resurrection.;#=#;Tye Tribbett;Donnie McClurkin;JJ Hairston;Resound;Miles Caton;Religion;Special;HD-TBNSPL6960;1425095

  • Good Friday Worldwide

    Join hosts Chris Tomlin and Max Lucado for TBN’s Good Friday Worldwide presentation of worship; inspiration and perspective. This program includes special musical performances by award winning artists; Pat Barrett; We The Kingdom and special surprise guest.;#=#;Max Lucado;Chris Tomlin;Pat Barrett...

  • Praise - Francis Chan And Greg Laurie - April 2, 2021

    Matt and Laurie Crouch host Francis Chan and Greg Laurie from Tustin; CA;#=#;Salvation;Matt Crouch;Laurie Crouch;Francis Chan;Greg Laurie;Gospel;Love of God;Persecution;Suffering;Courage;Reconciliation;Victory;Overcoming;Cross;Cross;Communion;Salvation;Born Again;New Beginning;Suicide;Loss;Person...

  • Javen Easter Special

    Celebrating Easter and the resurrection of our Savior with our host Javen and his guests Geron and Becky Davis; Michael Tait; Lynda Randle; Nicole C. Mullen; Nate Bean and 4Given; Voices of Lee and Christ Church Choir.;#=#;Javen Campbell;Geron Davis;Becky Davis;Michael Tait;Lynda Randle;Nicole C....

  • TBN Easter Special: No Wonder They Call Him the Savior

    This Easter, Matt and Laurie Crouch celebrate the Easter season from the heart of the Holy Land, with special guests Max Lucado, Joel and Victoria Osteen, and music by Matthew West.
    Christian Music; Matthew West, Hello My Name Is; Jesus Christ; Pilate; Mary Magdalene; Israel; Brazil; Jerusale...

  • Resurrection

    Based on a short story by Max Lucado; and set in Jerusalem at Christ's time: Claudius (Robert Jobe) is a Roman guard who winds up amidst a cover up regarding Christ's execution and the events following.;#=#;Robert Jobe;Mark Steele;Ray Lewandowski;Truth;Resurrection;Jesus;Messiah;Jewish History;Mo...

  • Golgotha

    In man’s cruelest act against God; see God’s greatest love revealed! In this uplifting Resurrection Sunday sermon; Joseph Prince unveils the love of God like never before.;#=#;Salvation;Joseph Prince;Jesus;Crucifixion;Resurrection;Righteousness;Cross;Religion;Special;God;Jerusalem;Israel;HD-TBNSP...

  • The Easter Experience | My Life Has A Purpose

    Experience the power of the passion and resurrection of Jesus.;#=#;Kyle Idleman;Purpose;Death;Betrayal;Disciples;Jesus;Calling;Serving;Last supper;Movies/Film;Drama;Religion;Series;HD-TEE0001R;1425482

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | The Gospel of the Second Chance

    The Gospel of the Second Chance
    Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0002; 300765

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Coming Home

    Coming Home
    Easter; Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0004; 300767

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Open Arms

    Open Arms
    Jesus Christ; Max Lucado; Loneliness; Jesus; Savior; Repentance; Guilt; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0003; 300766

  • No Wonder They Call Him the Savior | Final Acts, Final Words

    Final Acts Final Words
    Max Lucado; Family & Variety; HD-NWCS0001; 300764

  • Better Together LIVE - Episode 219

    Releasing hurt and choosing forgiveness allows us to experience healing and freedom. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000

  • Better Together LIVE - Episode 218

    Though Jesus; we get to experience restoration and renewal of our hearts; minds; and relationships. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000

  • Better Together LIVE - Episode 217

    God's unconditional love for us led to His greatest sacrifice. Our Savior bore the sin of the world upon a cross. | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000

  • Better Together LIVE - Episode 216

    "Do this in remembrance of Me." What is the significance of the Lord's Supper in our modern world? | TBN Prayer Line: 714-731-1000