D. James Kennedy: Truths that Transform

D. James Kennedy: Truths that Transform

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D. James Kennedy: Truths that Transform
  • The War Against Christianity

    A look at culture moving away from God’s truth and how Christians must prepare for hostility.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Prayer;Education;Government;Christianity;War;Freedom;Religion;Hatred;Church;Persecution;Separation of Church & State;John 15:18;Luke 6:26;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2217;2155488

  • How I Know Christ Rose From The Dead

    Truths That Transform provides a Biblical perspective on current moral and cultural controversies.;#=#;Thanksgiving;Salvation;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Resurrection;Bible;Word of God;Education;Disaster Relief;War;Tragedy;Sabbath;Eternal Life;John 16:33;Isaiah 65:1;Luke 2:30;1 John 4:18;2 Cori...

  • Who Is Jesus Is He The Only Way Part 2

    In this new documentary; discover the true Jesus of history and why He should matter to you.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Jesus;Atonement;Cross;Gospel;Truth;Salvation;John 14:6;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2215;2096647

  • Who Is Jesus? Is He The Only Way? Part 1

    A compelling new documentary examining the historical evidence and Biblical records for Jesus Christ.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Truth;Archaeology;Bible History;Apologetics;Theology;Christian Science;Bible;Gospel;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2214;2141330

  • Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant

    Jesus is the only One who can save sinners and transform lives; we’re told to be His witnesses.;#=#;Salvation;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Truth;Homosexuality;Voting;Transgender;Gay;Morals;Joy;Evangelism;Word of God;Discipleship;Convert/Conversion;Purpose;Commandment;Gospel;Soul;Apologetics;Salv...

  • Christ and the Skeptics

    The reality of the greatest person in the world far outshines the doubts of all the skeptics.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Secular;Doubt;Christ;Atheist;Seek God;Bible History;Biblical Artifacts;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2212;2094697

  • Many Infallible Proofs

    Sometimes Christians are accused of having blind faith. A look at proofs for the Christian faith.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Theology;Truth;Transformation;Crime;Law;Movies/Film;Parable;Atheist;Creation;Evolution;Science;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2211;2084622

  • Reasons For Hope

    Truths That Transform provides a Biblical perspective on current moral and cultural controversies.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Government;Hope;Culture;Revival;Abortion;Law;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2209;2058876

  • What Can One Person Do

    What one person can do for Jesus Christ when faced with cancel culture and dangerous ideologies.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Racism;Anger;Transformation;Gospel;Forgiveness;Heart;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2208;2022341

  • The Faith of Washington

    Truths That Transform provides a Biblical perspective on current moral and cultural controversies.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Government;American History;Culture;Tradition-American;Faith;Christianity;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2207;2009146

  • America's Greatest Hero

    An historic look at the providence of God shows who the greatest hero of hope and freedom is.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;American History;Tradition-American;Government;Politics;Ministry;Morals;Culture;Freedom;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2206;1997209

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

    Truths That Transform provides a Biblical perspective on current moral and cultural controversies.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Abortion;Choices;Truth;Freedom;Children;Politics;Culture;Spiritual Warfare;Government;Testimony;Rape;Adoption;Love;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2205;1985891

  • Life: An Inalienable Right

    A culture of death overshadows America. What will it take to restore the right to life?;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Abortion;Government;Health;Hope;Civil Rights;Deception;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2204;1977009

  • Lies and More Lies

    Roe v Wade: the shocking truth about the Supreme Court decision. How to restore the right to life?;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Abortion;Love;Health;Murder;Lies;American History;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2203;1969171

  • Spiritual Advance

    No matter the obstacles; God’s will for us is: forward! How to advance the Gospel in 2022.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Future;Spirit;Politics;Government;Tradition;Kingdom of God;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2202;1961540

  • When Past and Future Collide

    A look at the spiritual state of our nation and what Christians must do to meet the challenges.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Government;Politics;Past;Future;Culture;Abortion;Division;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2201;1951230

  • Prophecies Concerning the Messiah

    God delivered the promised Messiah and transforms the lives of those who trust in Him.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Prophecy;Messiah;Testimony;Miracles;Jesus;Savior;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2152;1945177

  • Who Is This Jesus

    "Who do you say I am?” asked Jesus. A look at the person; nature; and power of Jesus Christ.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Jesus;Christmas;Gospel;Culture;Lordship;Truth;Religion;Christmas;HD-DJKTTT2151;1939667

  • If Christ Had Not Come

    What the world would be like if Jesus had never been born; and why we can have joy this Christmas!;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Jesus;Christianity;Education;Charity;Government;Science;Religion;Christmas;HD-DJKTTT2150;1919582

  • Christ My Life

    What the Bible has to say about finding our purpose and passion.;#=#;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Ministry;Christ;Church History;Gospel;Truth;Lord;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2149;1903231

  • Remembering Our Foundations

    The danger from activists tryiing to replace America's Christian heritage with Marxist theories.;#=#;Salvation;D. James Kennedy;Frank Wright;Foundation;Government;Politics;American History;Religion;Freedom;Religion;HD-DJKTTT2148;1893838