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  • Part 3 - Glory Gold and God

    Uncover the unknown stories from Latin America of God’s grace amidst horrific oppression, annihilation and death in the “New World” of Columbus and the Conquistadors.

  • Revival in Sao Paolo

    This is a ministry partner piece from The Sentinel Group.

    Revival in Sao Paolo;#=#;Crime;Gangs;Violence;Struggle;Forgiveness;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-098-V;1386013

  • Revival in Algadao de Jandaira

    Revival in Algadao de Jandaira;#=#;Poverty;Despair;Help;Prayer;Community Outreach;Calling;Chosen people;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-099-V;1386340

  • Pedro's Story

    Pedro March;#=#;Crime;Prisoner;Repentance;Miracles;Servant of God;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-094-V;1384256

  • Sylvia's Story

    Sylvia Landia;#=#;Drugs;Poverty;Hopelessness;Crime;Prisoner;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-095-V;1384247

  • Thalles Roberto

    Thalles Roberto;#=#;Music;Musician;Calling;Singer/Songwriter;Artist/Artistic;Legacy;Presence of God;Special;Religion;HD-SOF21-096-V;1384251

  • Bruno's Story

    Bruno Brazil;#=#;Sports;Athlete;Leadership;Community Outreach;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-097-V;1386206

  • How Christianity Changed Brazil

    "Drive Thru History - Ends of the Earth" is a 20-part history series chronicling the dramatic spread of Christianity from its origins in Israel to 20 different regions of the world.