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  • Part 3: Glory, Gold and God

    In Part 3 of the six-part documentary series, Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth, uncover the unknown stories from Latin America of God’s grace amidst horrific oppression, annihilation, and death in the “New World” of Columbus and the Conquistadors. This series is host...

  • Revival in Sao Paolo

    This is a ministry partner piece from The Sentinel Group.

    Revival in Sao Paolo;#=#;Crime;Gangs;Violence;Struggle;Forgiveness;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-098-V;1386013

  • Revival in Algadao de Jandaira

    Revival in Algadao de Jandaira;#=#;Poverty;Despair;Help;Prayer;Community Outreach;Calling;Chosen people;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-099-V;1386340

  • Pedro's Story

    Pedro March;#=#;Crime;Prisoner;Repentance;Miracles;Servant of God;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-094-V;1384256

  • Sylvia's Story

    Sylvia Landia;#=#;Drugs;Poverty;Hopelessness;Crime;Prisoner;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-095-V;1384247

  • Thalles Roberto

    Thalles Roberto;#=#;Music;Musician;Calling;Singer/Songwriter;Artist/Artistic;Legacy;Presence of God;Special;Religion;HD-SOF21-096-V;1384251

  • Bruno's Story

    Bruno Brazil;#=#;Sports;Athlete;Leadership;Community Outreach;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-097-V;1386206

  • Manoel & Michele's Story

    This is a ministry partner piece from Justice & Mercy International.

    Manoel Michele Kelly;#=#;Trials-Hard Times;Poverty;Provision;Blessing;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-100-V;1386012

  • One Jungle Pastor's Testimony

    This is a ministry partner piece from Justice & Mercy International.

    One Jungle Pastor's Testimony;#=#;Challenges;Natural Disaster;Testing;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-101-V;1386015

  • The Luckiest Kid on Earth

    This is a ministry partner piece from Moving Works.

    The Luckiest Kid on Earth;#=#;Parenting;Legacy;Leadership;Missionary;Inspirational;Special;Religion;HD-SOF21-102-V;1386096

  • Wherever Whatever However

    This is a ministry partner piece from Moving Works.

    Wherever Whatever However;#=#;Calling;Missionary;Heart;Seek God;Prayer;Church Planting;Religion;Special;Brazil;HD-SOF21-104-V;1386342

  • The Deaf in Brazil

    This is a ministry partner piece from Seed Company.

    The Deaf in Brazil;#=#;Disability;Loneliness;Struggle;Responsibility;Parenting;Help;Calling;Gifting/Talent;Television;Media;Gospel;Visions/Dreams;Faith;Voice of God;Special;Religion;Brazil;HD-SOF21-106-V;1386331

  • How Christianity Changed Brazil

    "Drive Thru History - Ends of the Earth" is a 20-part history series chronicling the dramatic spread of Christianity from its origins in Israel to 20 different regions of the world.;#=#;

  • State of Faith - Brazil - March 11, 2021

    In a land long closed to the Gospel; discover how God is working in Brazil today.

  • Disciples